Angleterre  -  folk-rock progressif  -  **


Formation mythique de folk-rock atmosphérique,
qui se caractérise essentiellement par la pureté du chant de la
Julianne Regan . Sublimes arpèges de guitares et
vocalises éthérées caractérisent ses chansons aux accents
folk-rock progressif, romantique et intimiste à souhait !



           -  Tim BRICHENO  -  guitares -
Andy COUSIN  -  basse -
Mark PRICE  -  batterie -
Julianne REGAN  -  chant -

www.goony.nl/aae/aae.htm     www.julianneregan.net/


All About Eve      ( 1988 )

 titres : flowers in our hair, gypsy dance, In the clouds,              Martha's harbour, every angel, like Emily,
             shelter from the rain,
             she moves through the fair,
             wild hearted woman,
             never promise (anyone forever),
             apple tree man, what kind of fool,
             In the meadow, lady moonlight

Scarlet and other stories   ( 1989 )

 titres : road to your soul, dream now,
             gold and silver, scarlet, december,
             blind lemon Sam, more than the blues,
             tuesday's child, pieces of our heart,
             hard spaniard, the empty dancehall,
             only one reason, the pearl fishermen.

Touched by Jesus        ( 1991 )

 titres : Strange Way, Farewell Mr. Sorrow,
             Wishing the Hours Away,
Touched by Jesus,
             The Dreamer, Share it with Me, Rhythm of Life,
             The Mystery We Are, Hide Child, Ravens,
             Are You Lonely.

Ultraviolet         ( 1992 )

 titres : phased, yesterday goodbye, mine, freeze,
             things he told her, Infrared, I don't know,
             dream butcher, some finer day,
             blindfolded visionary, outshine the sun.

Fairy light nights, live acoustic  ( 2000 )

 cd 1 : what kind of fool?, In the clouds, forever,
           share it with me, will I start to bleed?, miss world,
           martha's harbour, shelter from the rain,
           are you lonely?, apple tree man.

  cd 2 : scarlet, the mystery we are,
            you bring your love to me, freeze, mine,
            more than the blues, never promise (anyone forever),
            yesterday goodbye, wild hearted woman, every angel.

Keepsakes : a collection    ( 2006 )

 cd 1 : flowers in our hair, In the clouds, calling your name,
           paradise, Martha's harbour, every angel,
           what kind of fool, wildflowers, wild hearted woman,
           our summer, In the meadow, gold and silver, scarlet,
           road to your soul, drowning,  december,
           what kind of fool 2006 the empty dancehall - revisited.
cd 2 : farewell Mr Sorrow, strange way, rhythm of life,
           wishing the hours away, the dreamer, touched by Jesus,
           are you lonely, see Emily play, phased, freeze,
           I don't know some finer day, Infared, outshine the sun,
           let me go home, keepsakes, raindrops.


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