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Ce groupe anglo-américain, très populaire du milieu des 70's jusqu'au début
des 80's, a proposé des albums de folk-rock-pop très réussis, avec de
superbes chansons comme " A horse with no name ", " Sister golden hair "
(classée numéro 1), Ventura highway " ou " Tin man ".
Une musique sophistiquée et tranquille de très grande qualité.



Gerry  BECKLEY  -  chant, claviers, guitares, basse, harmonica,.. -
Dewey  BUNNELL  -  chant, guitare -
Dan  PEEK  -  chant, guitares, basse, claviers, harmonica -

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America      ( 1971 ) 

 titres : riverside, sandman, three roses, children,
             a horse with no name, here, I need you,
             rainy day, never found the time, Clarice,              donkey Jaw, pigeon song.

homecoming      ( 1973 ) 

 titres : ventura highway, to each his own,
             don't cross the river, moon song,
             only in your heart, till the sun comes up again,
             cornwall blank, head and heart,
             California revisited, saturn nights.

holiday           ( 1974 ) 

 titres : miniature, tin man, another try,
             lonely people, glad to see you, mad dog,
             hollywood, baby it's up to you, you,
             old man took, what does it matter,
             In the country.

live       ( 1977 ) 

 titres : tin man, muskrat love, I need you,
             old man took, daisy Jane, company, hollywood,
             sergeant darkness, amber cascades,
             to each his own, another try, ventura highway,
             sister golden hair, a horse with no name.

view from the ground    ( 1982 ) 

 titres : you can do magic, never be lonely, you girl,              Inspector mills, love on the vine,
             desperate love, right before your eyes, Jody,              sometimes lovers , even the score.

your move      ( 1983 ) 

 titres : my kinda woman, she's a runaway,
             cast the spirit, love's worn out again,
             the border, your move, honey, my dear,
             tonight is for dreamers, don't let me be lonely,              someday woman, the last unicorn,
             man's road, In the sea.

here & now     ( 2007 ) 

 cd 1 : chasing the rainbow, Indian summer, one chance,
           golden, always love, ride on, love and leaving,
           look at me now, this time, work to do,
           all I think about is you, walk in the woods.
bonus : here and now, glass king, paradise, saturday sky.
cd 2 : ventura highway, don't cross the river,
           Daisy Jane, I need you, tin man, muskrat love,
           woman tonight, only in your heart, lonely people,
           sandman, sister golden hair, a horse with no name.

back pages      ( 2007 )
hommage aux grandes chansons des autres
(Neil Young, Paul Simon, Les Beach Boys), 

 titres : America, a road song, Woodstock, Caroline n,
             someday we'll know, sailing to Philadelphia,
             crying in my sleep, time of the season,
             something in the way she moves, on the way home,
             till I hear it from you, my back pages.


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