U S A  -  rock progressif  -  *** 


Un trio guitare, basse, batterie, pour un progressif crimsonien, mélange de
Liquid Tension Experiment  /  Pat Metheny  /  Zappa ,
complexe, technique, inventif, atmosphérique, impros jazz, percussions tribales, ambiances psyché, métal, un album vertigineux !!!



  - Tim ALEXANDER - batterie, percussions, guitare -
Alex SKOLNICK - guitare,
  - Michael MANRING - basse,

www.magnacarta.net       www.timalexander.org
www.alexskolnick.com      www.laundryroom.net


attention déficit  ( 1998 )

  titres : atm, an exchange of niceties, scapula,
              snip, it's over johnny, tma, fly pelican,
              febrile, mat, wrong,
              the girl from enchilada, merton hanks,
              III fated conspiracy, the blood room,
              festivus, khamsin, lydia,
              say hello to my little friend.

the idiot king   ( 2001 )

  titres :  american jingo, any unforeseen event,
               the risk of failure, low voter turnout,
               unclear inarticulate things, rsvp,
               my fellow astronauts, dubya,
               the killers are to blame,
               nightmare on 48 th,
               public speaking is very easy.


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