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Big country  est un groupe de rock écossais aux influences celtiques qui a connu le succès avec l'album " The crossing " sorti en 1983 et leur titre
" In a big country ". Les cornemuses sont ici remplacées par les guitares,
ce qui donnent à tous leurs titres un caractère particulier. Leur deuxième album "Steeltown" entrera directement 1er dans les charts anglais.
Six autres albums suivront jusqu'en 1999 et une tournée d'adieu aura lieu
en 2000. Le suicide en décembre 2001 de  
Stuart Adamson , leader du
groupe, semblait mettre une fin définitive à l'histoire de Big Country.
Mais, en 2007, une série de concerts dans une formation à 3, suivie d'un
album live ("Twenty-Five Live") relance l'histoire du groupe. Suite à des
problèmes de droits liés au nom "Big Country", un album studio (EP)
est sorti en 2008, mais sous le nom de "BBW".



   -  Stuart  Adamson  -  chant, guitare, claviers -
Mark  Brzezicki  -  batterie tumba -
Bruce  Watson  -  guitare -
Tony  Butler  -  basse -



The Crossing    ( 1983 )

 titres : In A Big Country, Inwards, Chance, 1000 Stars,
             The Storm, Harvest Home, Lost Patrol,
             Close Action, Fields Of Fire, Porrohman,
             Angle Park, All Of Us, The Crossing,
             Heart & Soul.

Steeltown     ( 1984 )

 titres : Flame Of The West, East Of Eden, Steeltown,
             Where The Rose Is Sown, Come Back To Me,
             Tall Ships Go, Girl WIth Grey Eyes,
             Rain Dance, The Great Divide, Just A Shadow,
             Bass Dance, Belief In A Small Man,
             Prairie Rose, Wonderland, Winter Sky.

The Seer      ( 1986 )

 titres : Look Away, The Seer, The Teacher,
             I Walk The Hill, Eiledon, One Great Thing,
             Hold The Heart, Rememberance Day,
             Red Fox, Sailor, Song Of The South,
             Look Away (12" mix),
             One Great Thing (Disco Mix), Giant.

Peace In Our Time     ( 1988 )

 titres : King of Emotion, Broken Heart (thirteen valleys),
             Thousand Yard Stare, From Here To Eternit,
             Everything I Need, Peace In Our Time,
             Time For Leaving, River Of Hope, In This Place,
             I Could Be Happy Here, The Travellers,
             When The Drum Beats, Starred And Crossed,
             Longest Day.

No Place Like Home   ( 1991 )

 titres : We're Not In Kansas, Republican Party Reptile,
             Dynamite Lady, Keep On Dreaming,
             Beautiful People, The Hostage Speaks,
             Beat The Devil, Leap Of Faith,
             You Me And The Truth, Comes A Time, Ships,
             Into The Fire, Heart Of The World,
             Kiss The Girl Goodbye, Freedom Song.

The Buffalo Skinners   ( 1993 )

 titres : Alone, Seven Waves,What Are You Working For,
             The One I Love, The Selling Of America,
             We're Not In Kansas, Ships, All Go Together,
             Winding Wind, Pink Marshmallow Moon,
             Chesters Farm.

Why The Long Face   ( 1995 )

 titres : You Dreamer, Message Of Love,
             I'm Not Ashamed, Sail Into Nothing,
             Thunder and Lightning, Send You,
             One In A Million, Gods Great Mistake,
             Wildland In My Heart, Take You To The Moon,
             Far From Me To You, Charlotte,
             Post Nuclear Talking Blues,
             Blue On A Green Planet.

Driving To Damascus   ( 1999 )

 titres : Driving To Damascus, Dive Into Me, See You,
             Perfect World, Somebody Else, Fragile Thing,
             The President Slipped And Fell, Devil In The Eye,
             Trouble The Waters, Bella, Your Spirit To Me,

John Wayne's Dream  ( 2002 )

 titres : Driving To Damascus, Dive In To Me, See You,
             Perfect World, Somebody Else, Fragile Thing,
             The President Slipped And Fell, Devil In The Eye,
             Trouble The Waters, Bella, Your Spirit To Me,
bonus : I Get Hurt, This Bloods For You, Loserville.


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