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Black Oak Arkansas  est un groupe de southern rock américain qui a pris
le nom de la ville où il a été créé : Black Oak dans l’Arkansas. Le groupe
a atteint son pic de popularité dans les années 1970 avec dix albums
classés dans les meilleures ventes. Leur style est caractérisé par la
présence de multiples guitaristes et par la voix particulière et l’attitude
sur scène de son chanteur,
Jim « Dandy » Mangrum .
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Jim Dandy Mangrum  -  chant, planche à laver -
   -  Rickie Lee Reynolds  -  guitare -
   -  Johnnie Bolin  -  batterie, percussion (88 - à aujourd'hui)
   -  Hal McCormack  -  guitare soliste (03 - à aujourd'hui)
   -  George Hughen  -  guitare basse (98 - à aujourd'hui)
   -  Tommy Aldridge  -  batterie, percussions (73-76)
   -  Jimmie Henderson  -  guitares, choeurs (75-79)
   -  Harvey Jett  -  guitares, banjo, piano, choeurs (65-74)
   -  Pat Daugherty  -  basse, choeurs (65-76) et (00-02)
   -  Wayne Evans  -  batterie, percussions (65-73)
   -  Stanley Knight  -  guitares, dobro, claviers, choeurs (65-76)
 autres membres ..........



Black Oak Arkansas    ( 1971 )

  titres : Uncle Lijiah, Memories at the Window,
              The Hills of Arkansas, I C
ould Love You,
              Hot and Nasty, Singing the Blues,
              Lord Have Mercy on My Soul,
              When Electricity Came to Arkansas.

 Keep The Faith     ( 1972 )

  titres : Keep The Faith, Revolutionary All American Boys,
              Feet On Earth, Head In The Sky, Fever In My Mind,
              The Big One's Still Coming, White-Headed Woman,
              We Live On Day Today, Short Life Line,
              Don't Confuse What You Don't Know.

If An Angel Came To See You  ( 1972 )

  titres : Gravel Roads, Fertile Woman, Spring Vacation,
              We Help Each Other, Full Moon Ride,
              Our Minds Eye, To Make Us What We Are,
              Our Eyes Ere On You, Mutants Of The Monster.

Raunch & Roll  (Live)   ( 1973 )

  titres : Gettin' Kinda Cocky,
              When Electricity Came to Arkansas, Gigolo,
              Hot Rod, Mutants of the Monster,
              Hot and Nasty, Up.

High On The Hog   ( 1973 )

  titres : Swimmin' In Quicksand, Back To The Land, Movin',
              Happy Hooker, Red Hot Lovin', Jim Dandy,
              Moonshine Sonata, Why Shouldn't I Smile,
              High 'N' Dry, Mad Man.

 Street Party    ( 1974 )

   titres : Dancing in the Streets, Sting Me, Good Good Woman,
               Jail Bait, Sure Been Workin' Hard, Son of a Gun,
               Brink of Creation, I'm a Man, Goin' Home, Dixie,
               Everybody Wants to See Heaven "Nobody...,
               Hey Ya'll, Brink of Creation.

Early Times    ( 1974 )

  titres : Someone or Something, When I'm Gone, Let Us Pray,
              Sly Fox, Mean Woman (If You Ever Blues),
              No One And the Sun, Theater, Collective Thinking,
              Older Than Grandpa.

Ain't Life Grand    ( 1975 )

  titres : Taxman, Fancy Nancy, Keep on, Good Stuff, Rebel,
              Back Door Man, Love Can Be Found,
              Diggin' For Gold, Cryin' Shame,
              Let Life Be Good to You.

 X Rated     ( 1975 )

  titres : Bump 'n' Grind, Fightin' Cock, Highway Pirate,
              Strong Enough to be Gentle, Flesh Needs Flesh,
              Wild Men from the Mountains, High Flyer,
              Ace in the Hole, Too Hot to Stop.

Balls Of Fire    ( 1976 )

  titres : Ramblin' Man, Fistful of Love, Make That Scene,
              I Can Feel Forever, Rock 'n' Roll, Great Balls of Fire,               Just to Fall in Love, Leather Angel, Storm of Passion,
              All my Troubles.

 King Biscuit Flower Hour (live) ( 1976 )

  titres : Hot Rod, Rock 'n' Roll, Great Balls of Fire,
              Jim Dandy (to the Rescue), Hot and Nasty, Fist Full,
              Maybe I'm Amazed, Love on Ice,
              When the Band was Shakin' All Over,
              Lord Have Mercy, Keep the Faith,
              I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know.


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