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Blue Öyster Cult  alias  BÖC  est un groupe de rock originaire des USA,
dont le style est apparenté au hard rock, heavy metal et rock psychédélique.
une musique sombre, froide et terriblement classieuse qui allait devenir le
heavy metal dans les années 80, monochrome, vicieuse et droguée,
quelque part entre les  
Doors , et  Alice Cooper , mais sans le côté théâtral.



Eric  BLOOM  -  chant, stun guitare, synthétiseur -
Donald "Buck Dharma"  ROESER  -  guitare, chant -
Allen  LANIER  -  claviers, guitare -
Joe  BOUCHARD  -  basse, claviers, chant -
Albert  BOUCHARD  -  batterie, guitare, chant -



tyranny and mutation   ( 1973 )

 titres : the red & the black, O.D.'d on life itself,
             hot rails to hell, 7 screaming diz-busters,
             baby ice dog, wings wetted down, teen archer,              mistress of the salmon salt (quicklime girl),  
bonus :cities on flame with rock and roll (live),
             buck's boogie (studio version),
             7 screaming diz-busters (live),
             O.D.'d on life itself (live).

secret treaties    ( 1973 )

 titres : career of evil, subhuman,
             dominance and submission, ME 262,
             cagey cretins, harvester of eyes,
             flaming telepaths, astronomy.

on your feet or on your knees

( 1975 )

 titres : the subhuman, harvester of eyes,
hot rails to hell, the red and the black,
             seven screaming diz-busters
, buck's boogie,              last days of may,
             cities on flame with rock and roll,
ME 262,              before the kiss a redcap,
maserati GT (I ain't got you), born to be wild.

Don't Fear the Reaper - best of

( 2000 )

 titres : cities on flame with rock and roll,
the red & the black, flaming telepaths,              astronomy, this ain't the summer of love,              (don't fear) the reaper, I love the night,              goin' through the motions, Godzilla, In thee,              the marshall plan, black blade,Joan Crawford,              burnin' for you, shooting shark, take me away.


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