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U S A  -  pop rock / hard rock FM  -  **


Bon Jovi  est un groupe de Hard FM américain du New Jersey.
Son nom provient de celui du leader et chanteur principal
( John Francis Bongiovi ).
Le groupe a eu du succès dans les années 1980. Il a montré une plus grande
longévité que les autres groupes de hard FM de cette période, en mélangeant
des éléments de hard rock, de musique folk et du style
MTV Unplugged,
se fabriquant ainsi un succès commercial qui dure jusqu'à aujourd'hui.
Bon Jovi  a vendu plus de 33 millions d'albums aux États-Unis et plus de
100 millions d'albums dans le monde
. Il a fait des concerts dans les
principales villes d'Asie, d'Europe, d'Australie, du Canada et d'Amérique
du Sud, en plus d'un très grand nombre de spectacles aux États-Unis.
Bon Jovi  est une sacré machine à écrire des hits truffés de refrains hyper
efficaces, avec un  
Jon Bon Jovi  parfaitement maître de sa voix,
Richie Sambora  dégainant toujours des solo d'une grande efficacité
et sans esbrouffe, sans oublier le travail de  
David Bryan  toujours aussi
indispensable, même s'il reste discret, et celui de  
Tico Torres
avec sa frappe qui claque toujours avec justesse.
Un groupe incontournable dans le genre !!!!



Jon  Bon Jovi  -  chant, guitare, harmonica, piano -
Richie  Sambora  -  guitare solo, chant, talk box  -
David  Bryan  -  clavier, chant
Tico  Torres  -  batterie, percussion
Alec John  Such  -  guitare basse - (quitte le groupe en 1994)
Hugh  McDonald  -  guitare basse, chant - ( 95 à 10 )



Bon Jovi     ( 1984 )

 titres : runaway, roulette, she don't know me,
             shot through the heart, loves lies,
             breakout, burning for love,
             come back, get ready.

Slippery when wet     ( 1986 )

 titres : let it rock, you give love a bad name,
             livin' on a prayer, social disease,
             wanted dead or alive, raise your hands,
             without love, I'd die for you,
             never say goodbye, wild in the streets.

New Jersey     ( 1988 )

 titres : lay your hands on me, bad medicine,
             born to be my baby, living in sin,
             blood on blood, homebound train,
             wild is the wind, ride cowboy ride,
             stick to your guns, Iíll be there for you,
             99 in the shade, love for sale.

Keep the faith    ( 1992 )

 titres : I believe, keep the faith,
             I'll sleep when I'm dead, In these arms,
             bed of roses, If I was your mother,
             dry county, woman in love, fear, I want you,
             blame it on the love of rock'n roll,
             little bit of soul.

Cross road     ( 1994 )

 titres : livin' on a prayer, keep the faith,
             someday I'll be saturday night, always,
             wanted dead or alive, lay your hands on me,
             you give love a bad name, bed of roses,
             blaze of Glory, In these arms, bad medicine,
             I'll be there for you, In and out of love,
             runaway, never say goodbye.

These days    ( 1995 )

 titres : hey god, something for the pain,
             this ain't a love song, these days, lie to me,
             damned, my guitar lies bleeding in my arms,
             (It's hard) letting you go, hearts breaking even,
             something to believe in, If that's what It takes,
             diamond ring, all I want is everything (bonus),
             bitter wine (bonus), always (live Montréal),
             good guys don't always wear white, prostitute,
             lonely at the top, when she comes, the end.

Crush       ( 2000 )

 titres : It's my life, say it isn't so,
             thank you for loving me, two story town,
             next 100 years, just older, mystery train,
             save the world,
             captain crash & the beauty queen from mars,
             she's a mystery, I got the girl, one wild night,
             I could make a living out of lovin' you [b],
             you can't lose at love (bonus), neurotica (bonus)

Bounce      ( 2002 )

 titres : undivided, everyday, the distance, Joey,
             misunderstood, all about lovin' you,
             hook me up, right side of wrong,
             love me back to life, you had me from hello,
             bounce, open all night.

Greatest hits      ( 2001 )

 titres : always, lay your honds on me,
             you give love a bad name, bed of roses,
             blaze of glory, I ' ll be there for you,
             never say goodbye, livin' on a prayer,
             something for the pain, this ain't a love song,
             these days, born to me my baby, It's my life,
             thank you for loving me, one wild night.

Have a nice day    ( 2005 )

 titres : have a nice day, I want to be loved,
             welcome to wherever you are,
             who says you can't go home, last man standing,
             bells of freedom, wildflower, last cigarette,
             I am, complicated, novocaine, story of my life,
 bonus : dirty little secret.

The circles      ( 2009 )

 titres : we weren't born to follow,
             when we were beautiful,
             work for the working man, superman tonight,
             bullet, thorn in my side, live before you die,
             brokenpromiseland, love's the only rule,
             fast cars, happy now, learn to love.


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~  Jon  BON JOVI  ~  ( albums solo )


Blaze Of Glory       ( 1990 )

 titres : Billy get your guns, miracle, blaze of glory,
             blood money, santa fe, justice in the barrel,
             never say die, you really got me,
             bang a drum, dyin' ain't much of a livin' .

Destination Anywhere    ( 1997 )

 titres : queen of new orleans,
             Janie don't take your love to town,
             midnight in chelsea, ugly,
             staring at your window with a suitcase in my hand,
             every word was a piece of my heart, It's just me,
             destination anywhere, learning how to fall, naked,
             little city, august 7, 4.15.
             cold hard heart (bonus Japon / Europe),
             I talk to Jesus (bonus Japon).


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