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Brain Police , groupes de San Diego, joue une pop-rock psychédélique,
voici son unique album sorti à la fin des années 60,
le groupe se séparera juste après .



Rick  RANDLE  -  chant, guitare, orgue -
David  RANDLE  -  guitare -
Norman  LOMBARDO  -  basse, chant -
Sid  SMITH  -  batterie -



Brain Police      ( 1968 )

 titres : election for mayor/ride my train of love,
I'll be on the inside if I can,
             I'd rather see you dead, 
find me a moment,
             getting too much higher,
             gypsy fast woman,
I'll find love,
             there's a light over the city,

             my world of wax,
world of wax,
             smoking at windsor hill,
Bonnie, oh no,
searching for my love,
             these are the words,
once and for all girl,
             your ma said you cried in your sleep last night,

             how do you tell a girl.


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