Angleterre  -  punk-rock progressif   -  **


Cardiacs  est un groupe de déjantés anglais fondé à la fin des 70's,
leur musique est inclassable, c'est une sorte de punk progressif
hallucinant. Leurs disques regorgent d'idées aussi folles que saugrenues,
musique qui combine un large éventail de genres musicaux, qui a souvent été qualifiée de « pronk », contraction de progressif et punk,
bien que le chanteur  
Tim Smith  lui préfère simplement le terme de psychédélique ou pop. Leur musique est soutenue par le chant
singulier et les paroles poétiques et cryptiques de
 Smith .



Tim  SMITH  -  guitare, chant, claviers -
Jim  SMITH  -  basse -
Sarah  SMITH  -  saxophone -
William  D. DRAKE  -  claviers -
Dominic  LUCKMAN  -  batterie -
Tim  QUY  -  percussions -
   -  Bob  LEITH  -  batterie - ( 96 )
Jon  POOLE  -  guitare - ( 96 )
Claire  LEMMON  -  choeurs - ( 96 )



a little man and a house and the whole world window    ( 1988 ) 

 titres : a little man and a house, In a city lining,
             I'm eating in bed, Is this the life, Interlude,              dive, the icing on the world, the breakfast line,              victory egg, R.E.S., the whole world window.

on land and in the sea     ( 1989 ) 

 titres : two bites of cherry, baby heart dirt ,
             the leader of the starry skys,
             I hold my love in my arms,
             the duck and Roger the horse, arnald,
             horse head, fast Robert, mare's nest,
             the stench of honey, buds and spawn,
             the safety bowl, the everso closely guarded line.

songs for ships and irons   ( 1991 ) 

 titres : big ship, tarred and feathered,
             burn your house brown, stone age dinosaurs,
             plane plane against the grain,
             everything is easy !,
             there's too many irons in the fire,
             all spectacular, blind in safety and leafy in love,
             loosefish scapegrace, all his geese are swans !.

sing to god       ( 1996 ) 

 titres : "sing to God" part one: eden on the air,
 eat it up worms hero, dog like sparky, fiery gun hand,  Insect hoofs on lassie, fairy mary mag, bellyeye,
 a horse's tail, manhoo, wireless,"sing to god" part two:  dirty boy , billion , odd even, bell stinks, bell clinks,
 flap off you beak, quiet as a mouse, angleworm angel,  red fire coming out from his gills, no gold ,
 nurses whispering verses, foundling.

garage concerts vol. I    ( 2005 ) 

 titres : gibber and twitch, scratching crawling scrawling,              as cold as can be in an english sea,
             Itís a lovely day, a wooden fish on wheels,
             Ice a spot and a dot on the dog, aukamakic,              gloomy news, Gina Lolabridgida, leaf scrapings,              rock around the clock,
             pip as uncle Dick but Peter spoiled it,
             let alone my plastic doll, hope day,
             a balloon for Berties party, my trade mark.

garage concerts vol. II    ( 2005 ) 

 titres : the obvious identity, hello Mr. Sparrow,
             a bus for a bus on the bus,
             dinnertime is at home (not here), pilf, an ant,              hello Mr. Minnow, a cake for Bertieís party,              food on the wall, hopeless, dead mouse,
             to go off and things, visiting hours, RES,
             a game for Berties party, Icky qualms.


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