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U S A  -  rock / pop / jazz-rock  -  ** 


Chicago  est un groupe de rock, pop et jazz-rock américain formé en 1967
à Chicago, aux États-Unis sous le nom de  
Chicago Transit Authority ,
du nom de la compagnie gérant les transports en commun dans la ville.
 Riche , innovant, haut en couleurs, une musique toujours novatrice dans
un registre jazzy et bluesy, l'album de 1974 est le plus progressif.



Peter  Cetera  -  basse, chant -
Danny  Seraphine  -  batterie -
Robert  Lamm  -  claviers, chant -
Lee  Loughnane  -  trompette, flugelhorn, chant -
Terry  Kath  -  guitare, bells, chant -
Walter  Parazaider  - flûte, sax soprano & ténor -
James  Pankow  -  trombone -
Laudir Soares  DeOliviera  -  percussions, congas - ( 74 )



Chicago Transit Authority ( 1969 )

  titres : Introduction,
              does anybody really know what time it is?,
              beginnings, questions 67 and 68, listen, poem 58,
              free form guitar, south California purples,
              I'm a man, prologue (august 29, 1968),
              someday (august 29, 1968), liberation.

Chicago II      ( 1971 )

  titres : moving in, the road, poem for the people,
              In the country, wake up sunshine,
              ballet for a girl in buchannon a) make me smile,
              b) so much to say so much to give,
              c) anxiety's moment, d) west Virginia fantasies,
              e) colour my world, f) to be free,
              g) now more than ever, fancy colours, 25 or 6 To 4,               prelude, A.M. morning, P.M. morning,
              memories of love, It better end soon, a) 1st , b) 2nd ,
              c) 3rd , d) 4th movement, where do we go from here?.

Chicago III      ( 1971 )

  titres : sing a mean tune kid, loneliness in just a word,
              what else can I say, I don't want your money, flight 602,               motorboat to mars, free, free country, at the sunrise,               happy cause I'm going home, mother, lowdown,
              a hard risin morning without breakfast,
              off to work, fallin out, dreamin home,
              morning blues again, when all the laughter dies in sorrow,               canon, once upon a time, progress?,
              the approaching storm, man Vs. man: the end

Chicago VII      ( 1974 )

  titres : prelude to aire, aire, devil's sweet,
              italian from new york, hanky panky, life saver,
              happy man, ( I've been ) searchin' so long,
              mongonucleosis, song of the evergreens, byblos,
              wishing you were here, call on me,
              woman don't want to love me, skinny boy.

the heart of ...   ( 1989 )  best of.

  titres : if you leave me now, baby what a big surprise,
              where did the loving go ?, take me back to chicago,
              hard to say I'm sorry, love me tomorrow,
              hard habit to break, only you, you're the inspiration,
              along comes a woman, remember the feeling,
              if she would have been faithful, will you still love me?,               what kind of man would I be?, look away.


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