~  CREDO  ~ 


Angleterre  -  néo-progressif  -  *** 


Du néo-progressif de bonne facture, dans la lignée de  
Marillion  ou  Arena ,
avec un chant qui rappelle  
Fish , une musique énergique, efficace,
des musiciens talentueux, voila de quoi satisfaire les amateurs du genre !



Mike  VARTY  -  claviers, violon, choeurs -
Martin  MEADS  -  batterie -
Tim  BIRRELL  -  guitares élect. & acoustic.-
Jim  MURDOCH  -  basse, choeurs -
Mark  COLTON  -  chant, percussions -



rhetoric       ( 2005 )

 titres : skintrade, turn the gun,
             from the cradle..., to the grave,
             the letter, the game, too late...,
             to say goodbye, seems live yesterday.

this is what we do

live in Poland       ( 2009 )

 titres : the game, turn the gun around,
             skin trade, seems like yesterday,
             field of vision - medley:
             a. power to the Nth degree, b. phantom,
             c. rules of engagement, d. good boy,
             round and round (working title),
             too late..., to say goodbye, a kindness,
             the letter, from the cradle, to the grave.

against reason      ( 2011 )

 titres : staring at the sun, cardinal sin,
             Intimate stranger, against reason,
             Insane, reason to live, conspriacy (MCF),
             the ghosts of yesterday.


retour C