~  EARTH  and  FIRE  ~ 


Hollande  -  progressif symphonique  -  *** 


Earth and Fire  est un groupe de rock progressif néerlandais fondé en
1967 par les frères  
Gerard Koerts  (claviers) et  Chris Koerts (guitare)
et qui devint durant les années 1970 une figure marquante du
rock progressif Européen. Une formation très appréciée dans son pays
avec son progressif
symphonique atmosphérique, teinté de pop,
souligné par une voix belle et fascinante. " Song of the marching
children / Atlantis " regroupe sur un cd deux des meilleurs albums de
ce groupe, dont la musique mélodieuse et élégante se rapproche de
celle de  
Renaissance , Yes  et  Illusion



Gérard  KOERTS  -  claviers -
Chris  KOERTS  -  guitares -
Jerney  KAAGMAN  -  chant -
Hans  ZIECH  -  basse -
Ton Van Der  KLEY  -  batterie -
Théo  HURTS  -  basse, guitare acoustique -
Bert  RUITER  -  basse -
Ab  TAMBOER  -  batterie -
Age  KAT  -  guitare -
Cees  KALIS  -  batterie -
Johan  SLAGER  -  guitare -
Jons  PISTOOR  -  claviers -
Ronnie  MEYJES  -  guitare -
Ton  SCHERPENZEEL  -  claviers -
Manuela  Berloth  -  
Mark  Stoop  -  ......



Earth  and  Fire     ( 1970 )

 titres : wild and exciting, twilight dreamer,
             ruby is the one, you know the way,
             vivid shady land, 21th century land,              seasons, love quiver, what's your name,              mechanical lover, hazy paradise,              memories, Invitation,
             from the end till the beginning,
             lost forever, song of the marching children,              thanks for the love,
             what a difference does it make

song of the marching children

( 1971 )

 titres : carnaval of the animals, ebbtide,
             storm and thunder, In the mountains,
             song of the marching children

collection     ( 1987 )

 song of the marching children :carnaval of the animals,      ebbtide, storm and thunder, in the mountain,
     song of the marching children ( theme of the
     marching children, opening of the seal, childhood,      affliction, damnation, purification, the march ).
atlantis : atlantis ( prelude, prologue, rise and fall,      theme of atlantis, the threat, destruction, epilogue ),      maybe tomorrow maybe tonight, interlude, fanfare,      theme from atlantis, love please close the door.

atlantis       ( 1973 )

 titres : atlantis ( prelude, prologue, rise and fall,
             theme of atlantis, the threat, destruction,
             epilogue ), maybe tomorrow maybe tonight,
             interlude, fanfare, theme from atlantis,
             love please close the door.

 to the world of the future  ( 1975 )

 titres : to the world of the future, how time flies,
             the last seagull, only time will tell,
             vote from yonder, love of life, circus.

superstarshine Vol. 2     ( 1975* )

 titres : memories, Invitation, mechanical lover,
             storm and thunder, hazy paradise,
             ruby is the one, seasons, wild and exciting,
             21st century show,
             from the end till the beginning, lost forever,              song of the marching children (single version).

gate to infinity    ( 1977 )

 titres : recognition?, a princess in Egypt,
             the joyous untruth, Infinity, a life-time before,              7,8th avenue, smile, green park station,
             dizzy raptures, driftin.

reality fills fantasy    ( 1980 )

 titres : people come, people go, fire of love, weekend,              can't live without it anymore, where were you,              season of the falling leaves, answer me, reprise.

andromeda girl   ( 1981 )

 titres : dream, singer in the rain, andromeda girl,
             what more could you desire, tell me why,
             love is an ocean, you, from shore to shore,
             just one chance.

In a state of flux    ( 1982 )

 titres : twenty-four hours, Jack is back, the two of us,              wish you were here, strange town,
             love is to give away, I don't know why,
             hide away, In a state of flux, dona nobis pacem.

phoenix          ( 1989 )

 titres : good enough, keep on missing you,
             walls of Jericho, streets of shame,
             winds of change, bombay calling,
             no stone unturned, dreaming,
             french word for love, gemini, Incognito,
             under a burning sky.

Earth And Fire Orchestra

frames     ( 1990 )

 titres : frames, passant deux, sky express,
             fata morgana, rhythm ball, Idee fixe,
             voo doo, frog.

Earth And Fire Orchestra

escape    ( 1995 )

 titres : escape, excuse, St. Elmo's fire, safety zone,
             testament of hope, daydreams, exit.

the singles    ( 1995 )

 titres : seasons, ruby is the one, wild and exciting,              Invitation, storm and thunder, memories,
             maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, love of life,              only time will tell, thanks for the love,
             what difference does it make, 8th avenue,              weekend, fire of love, dream, tell me why,
             love is an ocean, twenty four hours,
             Jack is back, the two of us.


retour E


~  KAAGMAN  Jerney  ~ 


made on earth     ( 1984 )

 titres : I can dance all night, love light, ooh la la la, 
I will love you endlessly, alright here I am,
             all I want is you, she's getting all out of nothing,              In the shade of a willow tree, some, misery,
             and I like it.

Run          ( 1987 )

 titres :  queen of hearts, the man of love, don't say it,               running away from love, love at an end,
 I don't wanna talk about it, tell me,
              you've got to believe, dance to the music,
              victim of the night.