Angleterre  -  rock progressif  -  * Référence *


, Lake & Palmer  formation mythique formée de trois
excellents musiciens, ils créent et popularisent un style à part entière,
parfaite synthèse entre le classicisme de la musique symphonique et
l'énergie brute du rock. Du rock progressif très symphonique, très mélodique,
voire expérimental, œuvre résolument moderniste, musique de fusion,
puissante et novatrice, dans laquelle se mêlent classique, rock & jazz.
Une référence Incontournable du Rock Progressif !!!!



Keith  EMERSON  -  claviers  -
Greg  LAKE  -  chant , basse , guitares  -
Carl  PALMER  -  batterie , percussions  -



Emerson Lake & Palmer  ( 1970 )

 titres : the barbarian, take a pebble {Lake},
             knife-edge, the three fates:
             a) clotho (Royal Festival Hall Organ)
             b) lachesis (piano solo)
             c) atropos (piano trio)
             tank, lucky man.

Pictures at an exhibition

( 1970 )

~  D V D  +  C D  ~

 titres : promenade, gnome, promenade,
             the sage, the old castle, blues variation,
             promenade, the hut of baba yaga,
             the curse of baba yaga,
             the hut of baba yaga,
             the curse of baba yaga.

Tarkus    ( 1971 )

 titres : tarkus, jeremy, bitches crystal,
             the only way, infinite space,
             a time and a place, are you ready eddy.

Trilogy       ( 1972 )

 titres : the endless enigma (part one), fugue,
             the endless enigma (part two),
             from the beginning, the sheriff,
             hoedown (taken from rodeo){Aaron Copland,
             arranged by Emerson / Lake / Palmer},
             trilogy, living sin, abaddon's bolero.

Brain salad surgery ( 1973 ) 

 titres : jerusalem, toccata, still you turn me on,
            benny the bouncer,
            karn evil 9  ( part 1 & 2 )

Welcome back my
friends to the show

( 1974 )

excellent live !

 cd 1 : hoedown, jerusalem, toccata,
           tarkus, take a pebble.
cd 2 : piano improvisations,
           take a pebble, jeremy bender /
           the sheriff, karn evil 9.

In Concert      ( 1979 )

 titres : Introductory fanfare, Peter Gunn, tiger in a spotlight,
             c'est la vie, the enemy god dances with the black
             spirits (excerpt from "the scythian suite" 2nd
             movement), knife edge {adapted from Janacek's
             "Sinfonietta" by Emerson / Lake / Fraser},
             piano concerto No. 1 (third movement: toccata con
             fuoco), pictures at an exhibition.

Black moon         ( 1992 )

 titres : black moon, paper blood, affairs of the heart,
             Romeo and Juliet, farewell to arms,
             changing states, burning bridges, close to home,
             better days, footprints in the snow.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall  ( 1993 )

 titres : karn evil 9, tarkus medley: eruption / stones of
             years / Iconoclast, knife edge, paper blood,
             Romeo and Juliet, creole dance,
             still...you turn me on, lucky man, black moon,
             pirates, finale: fanfare for the common man /
             America / rondo.

Live in Montreux 1997   ( 1997 )

~  D V D  ~

 titres : introduction par Claude Nobs.
             karnevil 9-1st. impression part.2,
             tiger in the spotlight, hoedown,
             touch and go, from the beginning,
             knife edge, bitches crystal,
             créole dance, honky tonk train blues,
             take a pebble, lucky man,
             tarkus / pictures at an exhibition,
             medley : fanfare for the common man,
             rondo, carmina burana,
             Carl Palmer's drum solo, tocata in D minor.

Live at the Isle of wight festival 1970

( 1998 )

 titres : the barbarian, take a pebble,
             picture at an exhibition, rondo, nutrocker.
bonus : Emerson, Lake And Palmer discuss the isle
              of Wight Festival.

Beyond the beginning  ( 2005 )

~  D V D  ~

  dvd 1 : take a pebble, knife edge, rondo/pictures, rondo,
            lucky man
(70 ), tarkus/eruption,   hoedown,tank (73),
till you turn me on, karn evil 9 (74), 
I believe in father christmas (75),
honky tonk train blues, tocatta (76 ),
fanfare for the common man, pirates,
            tiger in the spotlight
(77), watching over you (78),
(92) touch and go (97).
  dvd 2: California Jam 1974.  
            tocatta, still you turn me on, lucky man,
            piano improvisation, take a pebble,
            karn evil 9
1st impression part 2,
            karn evil 9, 3rd impression,
            spinning piano, great gates of kiev.
"Beyond the beginning" documentary.


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