~  FACES  ( The )  ~


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Faces  ( ou The Faces ) était un groupe britannique de rock formé en 1969.
Il était composé par la majeure partie des membres du groupe  
Small Faces , Ronnie Lane , Ian McLagan  et  Kenny Jones , et de  Ron Wood
Rod Stewart  en provenance du  Jeff Beck Group .



 Kenney  Jones  -  batterie -
   -  Ronnie  Lane  -  basse, guitare -
   -  Ian  McLagan  -  piano, orgue -
   -  Ron  Wood  -  guitare, harpe, basse, harmonica -
   -  Rod  Stewart  -  chant, banjo -

 autres membres :
Glen Matlock , Mick Hucknall , Tetsu Yamauchi -
 Harry Fowler - steel drums "That's All You Need" - ( 71 )

www.youtube.com/watch?v=faces www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vNw8FxPAb4


first step      ( 1970 )

 titres : Wicked Messenger, Devotion, Shake,
             Shudder Shiver, Stone, Around the Plynth,
             Flying, Pineapple and the Monkey,
             Nobody Knows, Looking Out the Window,
             Three Button Hand Me Down.

long player      ( 1971 )

 cd 1 : Bad'n'Ruin, Tell Everyone, Sweet Lady Mary,
           Richmond, Maybe I'm Amazed.
cd 2 : Had Me A Real Good Time, On The Beach,
           I Feel So Good, Jerusalem.

a nod is as good as a wink...
to a blind horse     
( 1971 )

 titres : Miss Judy's Farm, You're So Rude,
             Love Lives Here, Last Orders Please,
             Stay with Me, Debris, Memphis, Tennessee,
             Too Bad, That's All You Need.

Ooh la la     ( 1973 )

 titres : Silicone Grown, Cindy Incidentally,
             Flags And Banners, My Fault, Borstal Boys,
             Fly In The Ointment, If I\'m On The Late Side,
             Glad And Sorry, Just Another Honky,
             Ooh La La.

live in London     ( 1973 )

 titres : Silicone Grown, Cindy Incidentally, Memphis,
             If Iím on the Late Side, My Fault, Stealer,
             Borstal Boys, Angel, Stay with Me,
             True Blue, Twistiní the Night away.


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