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Irlande   -   blues-rock   -  ***


Rory Gallagher  est le prototype parfait du guitariste autodidacte de génie. Touché par la grâce des bluesmen de Chicago, puisant sa vérité autant
dans le folklore irlandais que dans sa propre histoire, ce véritable performer laisse derrière lui la griffe d’un hard blues imprégné d’une chaleur sans
pareil, fait de blues-rock fiévreux et de superbes balades folks.
Un des disques les plus recommandables de toute l’histoire du rock.



Rory  GALLAGHER  -  guitare, harmonica, alto , sax, chant -
   -  Gerry  MCAVOY  -  basse -
Vincent  CRANE  -  piano (4 & 9) - ( 71* )
Wilgar  CAMPBELL  -  batterie & percussions - ( 71 ) 
   -  Lou  MARTIN  -  piano, claviers - ( 73, 74, 75 )
Rod  DE'ATH  -  batterie - ( 73, 74, 75 )
Ted  McKENNA  - batterie ( 79, 99 )
 en Concert : Rod  deAth - batterie (1-9) ( 99 )
   en Studio   :
Wilgar Campbell - batterie (5,6,10,12) ( 99 )
Rod  deAth - batterie (1-4 & 7-9) ( 99 )  
Brendan  O'Neil - batterie (11) ( 99 )


www.rorygallagher.com/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxiEMpcI83E


Rory Gallagher      ( 1971* ) 

 titres : Laundromat, Just the Smile, I Fall Apart,
             Wave Myself Goodbye, Hands Up, Sinner Boy,
             For the Last Time, It's You, I'm Not Surprised,
             Can't Believe It's True.
bonus : Gypsy Woman, It Takes Time.

Deuce      ( 1971 ) 

 titres : I'm Not Awake Yet, Used to Be,
             Don't Know Where I'm Going, Maybe I Will,
             Whole Lot of People, In Your Town,
             Should've Learnt My Lesson, There's a Light,
             Out of My Mind, Crest of a Wave.
bonus : Persuasion.

Tattoo      ( 1973 ) 

 titres : Tattoo'd Lady, Cradle Rock, 20:20 Vision,
             They Don't Make Them Like You Anymore,
             Livin' Like a Trucker, Sleep On a Clothes Line,
             Who's That Coming, A Million Miles Away, Admit It,
bonus : Tucson Arizona, Just A Little Bit.

Irish tour      ( 1974 ) 

 titres : Cradle rock, I wonder who, Tattoo'd lady,
             Too much alcohol, As the crow flies,
             A million miles away, Walk on hot coals,
             Who's that coming ?,
             Back on my stompin' ground (after hours),              Maritime.

Against the Grain      ( 1975 ) 

 titres : Let Me In, Cross Me Off Your List , Ain't Too Good,
             Souped-Up Ford, Bought and Sold,
             I Take What I Want, Lost at Sea, All Around Man,
             Out on the Western Plains, At the Bottom,
bonus : Cluney Blues, My Baby Sure.  

calling card     ( 1976 ) 

 titres : Do You Read Me, Country Mile, Moonchild,
             Calling Card, I'll Admit You're Gone,
             Secret Agent, Jacknife Beat, Edged In Blue,
             Barley And Grape Rag,
bonus : Rue The Day, Public Enemy.

Top Priority      ( 1979 ) 

 titres : Follow Me, Philby, Wayward Child, Key Chain,
             At the Depot, Bad Penny, Just Hit Town,
             Off the Handle, Public Enemy N° 1.
bonus : Hell Cat , The Watcher.

the BBC sessions     ( 1999 ) 

 cd 1 : live : Calling Card, What In The World,
          Jacknife Beat, Country Mile, Got My Mojo Working,           Garbage Man, Roberta, Used To Be,
          I Take What I Want, Cruise On Out.
cd 2 : studio : Race The Breeze, Hands Off,
          Crest Of A Wave, Feel So Bad, For The Last Time,
          It Takes Time, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son,
          Daughter Of The Everglades,
          They Don't Make Them Like You, Tore Down,
          When My Baby She Left Me, Hoodoo Man.

the essential      ( 1999 )

 cd 1 : Follow Me, Moonchild, Bought & Sold, Laundromat,
           Bad Penny, Edged In Blue, Brute Force & Ignorance,
           I Fall Apart, Loanshark Blues, Who’s That Coming,
           As The Crow Flies (Live), Barley & Grape Rag,
           Lonesome Highway Refraining,
           Out On
The Western Plain.
cd 2 : In Your Town, Philby, Slumming Angel, Continental Op,
           Cradle Rock, A Million Miles Away,
Wheels Within
           Wheels, Crest Of A Wave, They Don’t Make Them
           Like You Anymore, Walk On Hot Coals, Shadow Play,
           I Could’ve Had Religion (Live), Tattoo’d Lady (Live),
           Bullfrog Blues (Live).


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