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Grateful Dead
 est une légende incontournable de la scène psychédélique
de San Francisco durant les années soixante, légende forgée à l'aide de
l'absorbsion de grandes quantités de LSD. Formée par le guitariste
Jerry Garcia , le guitariste  Bob Weir , le bassiste  Phil Lesh ,
le claviériste-chanteur  
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan  et le batteur
Bill Kreutzmann  en 1966, la formation se caractérise notamment par
ses longs jams et par l'inclusion de deux batteurs (le percussionniste
Mickey Hart  renforce l'effectif dès 1968). La musique du  Grateful Dead ,
mélange de rock, folk, blues, bluegrass avec des influences jazz.
Cette fusion des différents styles de musique populaire américaine a été
entretenue par une volonté d'expérimentation instrumentale.
Le groupe
sépare en 1995, après la disparition de son leader  Jerry Garcia .



Jerry  GARCIA  -  guitare, chant (1965 - 1995)
   -  Bob  WEIR  -  guitare chant (1965 - 1995)
Phil  LESH  -  basse, chant (1965 - 1995)
Bill  KREUTZMANN  - batterie (1965 - 1995)
Ron "Pigpen" McKERNAN  - claviers, chant, harmonica,
                                                   percussions - (1965 - 1973)

Mickey  HART   - batterie (1967 - 1971, 1975 - 1995)
Tom  CONSTANTEN  - claviers (1968 - 1970)
Keith  GODCHAUX  - claviers (1971 - 1979)
Donna  GODCHAUX  - chant (1972 - 1979)
Brent  MYDLAND  -  chant, claviers (1979 - 1990)
Vince  WELNICK  -  chant, claviers (1990 - 1995)



Anthem of the sun     ( 1968 )

 titres : that's it for the other one/I. cryptical              envelopment/II. quadlibet for tender feet/III.
             the faster we go, the rounder
             we get/IV. we leave the castle,
             new potato caboose, born cross-eyed, alligator,
             caution (do not stop on tracks)

Dead  /  live    ( 1969 )

 titres : dark star, saint stephen, the eleven,
             turn on your love light,
             death don't have no mercy, feedback,
             and we bid you goodnight.

Fillmore West 1969    ( 1969 )

 titres : morning dew, good morning little school girl,
             doin' that rag, I'm a king bee, cosmic Charlie,
             turn on your lovelight, dupree's diamond blues,              mountains of the moon, dark star, St. Stephen,              eleven, death don't have no mercy,
             that's it for the other one, alligator, drums,
             Jam, caution (do not stop on tracks), feedback,
             we bid you goodnight

Aoxomoxoa     ( 1969 )

 titres : St. Stephen, dupree's diamond blues, Rosemary,
             doin' that rag, mountains of the moon,
             China cat sunflower, what's become of the baby,
             cosmic Charlie.

American beauty    ( 1970 )

 titres : box of rain, friend of the devil,
             sugar magnolia, operator, candyman,
             ripple, breakdown place,
             till the morning comes,
             attics of my life, truckin.

Workingman's dead    ( 1970 )

 titres : uncle John's band, high time, dire wolf,
             new speedway boogie, cumberland blues, black Peter,
             easy wind, casey Jones, new speedway boogie,
             dire wolf (live), black Peter (live), easy wind (live),              cumberland blues (live), mason's children (live),              uncle John's band" (live), radio promo.

Grateful Dead (skull & roses)   ( 1971 )

 titres : Bertha, mama tried, big railroad blues,
             playing in the band, the other one, me & my uncle,
             big boss man, me & bobby McGee, Johnny b. goode,              wharf rat, not fade away/goin' down the
             road feeling bad, oh boy!, I'm a hog for you.

Europe 72 - live     ( 1972 )

 cd 1 : cumberland blues, he's gone,
           one more saturday night, Jack straw, you win again,            China cat sunflower, I know you rider.
cd 2 : brown-eyed woman, hurts me too, ramble on rose,            sugar magnolia, Mr. Charlie, tennessee jed.
cd 3 : tuckin, epilogue, prelude,
           (walk me out in the) morning dew.

From the mars hotel    ( 1974 )

 titres : U.S. blues, china doll, unbroken chain, loose Lucy,
             scarlet begonias, pride of cucamonga,
             money money, ship of fools

Skeletons from the closet
the best of Grateful Dead
   ( 1974 )

 titres : the golden road, truckin', Rosemary,
             sugar magnolia, St. Stephen, uncle John's band,
             Casey Jones, mexicali blues, turn on your love light,
             one more saturday night, friend of the devil.

Blues for Allah     ( 1975 )

 titres : help on the way/slip knot!, franklin's tower,              
             king solomon's marbles: pt. 1 - stronger than dirt /
             pt. 2 - milkin' the turkey,
             the music never stopped, crazy fingers,
             sage & spirit, blues for allah/sand castles
             & glass camels/unusual occurrences in
             the desert.

Terrapin station      ( 1977 )

 titres : estimated prophet, dancing in the street, passenger,
             Samson and Delilah (traditionnel), sunrise,
             terrapin station part one

What a long strange trip it's been

(Anthology)    ( 1977 )

 titres : new- new minglewood blues, cosmic Charlie, truckin,
             black Peter, born cross-eyed, ripple, doin- that rag,
             dark star, high time, new speedway boogie,
             St- Stephen, Jack Straw, me - my uncle,
             Tennessee Jed, cumberland blues, playing in the band,
             brown-eyed woman, ramble on rose.

The closing of winterland   ( 1978 )

 cd 1 : Sugar Magnolia, Scarlet Begonias, Fire on the Mountain,
           Me and My Uncle, Big River, Friend of the Devil,
           It's All Over Now, Stagger Lee, From the Heart of Me,
           Sunshine Daydream.
cd 2 : Samson and Delilah, Ramble on Rose, I Need a Miracle,
           Terrapin Station, Playing in the Band.
cd 3 : Rhythm Devils , Not Fade Away, Around and Around.
cd 4 : Dark Star, the Other One, Dark Star, Wharf Rat ,
           St. Stephen, Good Lovin', Casey Jones,
           Johnny B. Goode, We Bid You Goodnight.

Go to heaven      ( 1980 )

 titres : Alabama getaway, far from me, althea,
             feel like a stranger, lost sailor, saint of circumstance,
             antwerp\ís placebo (the plumber), easy to love you,
             don\ít ease me in" (traditional), Peggy-O,
             what\íll you raise (studio outtake),
             Jack-A-Roe (studio outtake) (traditional), althea (live),
             lost sailor" (live), saint of circumstance (live).

Dead set       ( 1981 )

 titres : Samson and Delilah, friend of the devil,
             new minglewood blues, deal, candyman,
             little red rooster, loser, passenger, feel like a stranger,
             franklin´s tower, rhythm devils, fire on the mountain,
             greatest story ever told, brokedown palace.

Reckoning     ( 1981 )

 titres : dire wolf, the race is on, It must have been the roses,
             dark hollow, China doll, been all around this world,
             monkey and the engineer, Jack-a-roe, deep elem blues,
             Cassidy, to lay me down, Rosa Lee McFall,
             on the road again, bird song, ripple.

In the dark     ( 1987 )

 titres : touch of grey, hell in a bucket,
             when push comes to shove, west L.A. fadeaway,
             tons of steel, throwing stones, black muddy river.

Without a net     ( 1990 )

 cd 1 : feel like a stranger, Mississippi half -
           step uptown toodleloo, walkin' blues, althea,
           cassidy, bird song, let it grow.

 cd 2 : China cat sunflower - I know you rider, looks like rain,
           eyes of the world, victim or the crime,
           help on the way - slipknot! - franklin's tower,
           one more saturday night, dear Mr. Fantasy.

Infared roses     ( 1991 )

 titres : crowd sculpture, parallelogram, little nemo in nightland,
             riverside rhapsody, post-modern Highrise -
             table top stomp, Infrared roses,
             silver apples of the moon, speaking in swords,
             magnesium night light, sparrow hawk row,
             river of nine sorrows, apollo at the ritz.

The very best of     ( 2003 )

 titres : truckin, touch of grey, sugar magnolia, Casey Jones,
             uncle Johnís band, friend of the devil, Franklinís tower,
             estimated prophet, eyes of the world, box of rain,
             U.S. blues, the golden road (to unlimited devotion),
one more saturday night (live 1972),
             fire on the mountain, music never stopped,
             hell in a bucket, ripple.

Rockin the rhein     ( 2004 )

 cd 1 : truckiní, Tennessee Jed, Chinatown shuffle,
           black-throated wind, China cat sunflower,
           I know you rider, Mr. Charlie, beat it on down the line,
           loser, playing in the band, next time you see me,
           me and Bobbie McGee.
cd 2 : good loviní, Casey Jones, heís gone, hurts me too,
           El Paso, turn on your love light,
           the stranger (two souls in communion).
cd 3 : dark star, me & my uncle, dark star, wharf rat,
           sugar magnolia, not fade away,
           goiní down the road feeling bad, not fade away,
           one more saturday night.


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