~  I Q  ~ 


Angleterre  -  néo progressif  -  **** 


Le plus connu des groupes de néo-progressif après  
Marillion ,
d'abord inspiré par  
Genesis ,
il a su se dégager de cette influence pour créer sa propre musique,
faite d'envolées d'orgue, guitare limpide, chant expressif,
bâtie sur des contrastes, ruptures, changements de rythmes, de climats,
" Ever " est leur première référence !!!



Peter  NICHOLLS  - chant -
Mike  HOLMES  -  guitares, guitare synthétiseur -
Martin  ORFORD - claviers , chant - ( 83 à 04 )

Paul  COOK  -  batterie, percussions - ( 83 à 04, 14, 18, 19 )
Tim  ESAU  -  basse - ( de 83 à 91, 14, 18, 19 )
John  JOWITT  -  basse, chant - ( à partir de 93 )
Andy  EDWARDS  -  batterie, percussions - ( 09 )
Mark  WESTWORTH  -  claviers - ( 09 )
    -  Tony  WRIGHT  -  saxophone - ( 00 )
Neil  DURANT  -  claviers - ( 14, 18, 19 )




Tales from the lush attic   ( 1983 )

 titres : the last human gateway, through the corridors,
             awake and nervous,
             my baby treats me right " cos I'am a hard-lovin "
             man all night long,
             the enemy smacks, just changing hands.

The wake    ( 1985 )

 titres : outer limits, the wake, the magic roundabout,
             corners, widow's peak, the thousand days,
             headlong, dans le parc du chateau noir,
             the thousand days ( demo ),
             the magic roundabout ( demo ).

Live from London 1985

~  D V D  ~

( 2005 )

 titres : awake and nervous, outer limits,
             it all stops here, just changing hands,
             the wake, the magic roundabout,
             widow's peak, the thousand days,

Are you sitting comfortably ?  ( 1989 )

 titres : war heroes, drive on, nostalgia,
             falling apart at the seams,
             sold on you, through my fingers,
             wurensh, nothing at all.
bonus : nothing at all (live).

Ever    ( 1993 )

 titres : the darkest hour, fading senses,
             out of nowhere, further away,
             leap of faith, came down .

Forever live    ( 1996 )

coffret luxueux avec livret, video hi fi de 2 h,
et double cd , superbe !!!

 cd 1 : the wake, the darkest hour, window's peak,
           out of nowhere,
           nostalgia falling apart at the seams,
           the last human gateway, fading senses.
cd 2 : the thousand days, leap of faith, human nature,
           the enemy smacks, headlong, 
           the last human gateway, no love lost.

Subterranea       ( 1997 )

double album concept, la grande classe !!!!

 cd 1 : overture, provider, subterranea,
           sleepless incidental, failsafe,
           speak my name, tunnel vision,
           infernal chorus, king of fools,
           the sense in sanity, state of mine
2 cd : laid low, breathtaker, capricorn,
           the other side, unsolid ground, somewhere in time,
           high waters, the narrow margin.

Seven stories into ninety eight  ( 1998 )

tirage limité fan-club !!!
album rétrospectif de démos originales
titres avant Tales from ...(cd 2) et
versions réenregistrées + 1 inédit (cd 1)

 cd 1 : capital letters, about lake five, intelligence quotient,
           for christ's sake, barbell is in, fascination,
           for the taking, it all stops here, eloko bella neechi.
cd 2 : capital letters, about lake five, intelligence quotient,
           for christ's sake, barbell is in, fascination,
           for the taking,  it all stops here.

The lost attic      ( 1999 )

vrais inédits de 83, 84, 87, 93, 94, 97, 99,
versions différentes de 84 et 87,
3 radios sessions de 84, superbe livret !!!!

 titres : the universal scam, wintertell,the last human gateway,
              hollow afternoon (99), apathetic and here, n.t.o.c.,
              eyes of the blind, barbell is in, the bold grenadier,
              my legs, fascination, hollow afternoon,
radios sessions : awake and nervous,
              just changing hands, widow's peak.

The seventh house     ( 2000 )

un album aux compositions mélodiques
et travaillées, encore un grand I Q ,
plus proche de " Ever "que de " Subterranea "

 titres : the wrong side of weird, erosion,
             the seven house, zero hour,
             shooting angels, guding light.

Subterranea : the concert

~  D V D  ~

( 1999 )

 titres : overture, provider, bubterranea, sleepless incidental,
             failsafe, speak my name, tunnel vision,
             infernal chorus, king of fools, the sense in sanity,
             state of mine, laid low, breath taker, capricorn,
             the other side, unsolid ground, somewhere in time,
             high waters, the narrow margin.

a word in your eye    
( 2001 )
Juste avant  de fonder  IQ ( 78-81 )
Michael Holmes & Martin Orford , avait un
groupe appelé  
The LENS , le groupe s'est
reformé pour ré-enregistré ce superbe album
de progressif symphonique essentiellement
instrumental, du  
I Q avant  I Q !

 titres : sleep until you wake, choosing a farmer I,
             on stephen's castle down, shafts of light,
             childhood's end, frost and fire, of tide and change,
             from the sublime, choosing a farmer III.

Dark matter    ( 2004 )

 titres : sacred sound, red dust shadow,
             you never will, born brilliant,
             harvest of souls.

I Q 20
The twentieth anniversary show

~  D V D  ~     ( 2004 )

 dvd 1 : awake and nervous, the thousand days /               
             the magic roundabout, erosion, state of mine / 
             came down, the seventh house, the narrow margin,
             human nature, capricorn, just changing hands,
             guiding light, headlong, the last human gateway.
dvd 2 : encore - subterranea, jet, crazy horses, the wake, 
             the lens - sleep until you wake, choosing a farmer,
             of tide and change, the intros and the outros, 
             access all areas, cookie cam,..........

Stage  -  dark matter live

~  D V D  ~     ( 2006 )

 dvd 1 : sacred sound, It all stops here, leap of faith,
             born brilliant, the seventh house, drum solo, 
             no love lost, widow’s peak,
             the narrow margin (middle section), guiding light,
             harvest of souls, awake and nervous,
             the last human gateway (middle section), the wake.
dvd 2 : sacred sound, It all stops here, born brilliant,
             the seventh house, drum solo, no love lost,
             leap of faith, the wake, harvest of souls,
             awake and nervous.

For ever live 1993

~  D V D  ~     ( 2007 )

 dvd 1 : the wake, the darkest hour, window's peak,
             out of nowhere, nostalgia falling apart at the seams,
             the last human gateway, fading senses.
             the thousand days, leap of faith, human nature,
             the enemy smacks, headlong, the last human gateway
dvd 2 : scenes from the day, extra tracks,
             early versions, bonus tracks, photos,...

Frequency      ( 2009 )

 titres : frequency, life support, stronger than friction,
             one fatal mistake, ryker skies, the province, closer.
dvd  : live in Hollande 2007

Tales from the lush attic   ( 2013 )

 titres : The Last Human Gateway,
             Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me),
             Awake And Nervous, My Baby Treats Me
             Right 'Cos I'm A Hard Lovin' Man All Night Long,
             The Enemy Smacks,
bonus : Wintertell (2012 recording), The Last Human
              Gateway (End section, alternative vocals),
              Just Changing Hands (Unfinished demo),
              Dans Le Parc du Château Noir (Unfinished demo).

The Road Of Bones    ( 2014 )

 cd 1 : From the Outside In, The Road of Bones,
           Without Walls, Ocean , Until the End.
cd 2 : Knucklehead, 1312 Overture, Constellations,
           Fall and Rise, Ten Million Demons, Hardcore.

Ever, 25th Anniversary
Collector's Edition
(2018 remix)  ( 2018 )

 cd 1 : The Darkest Hour, Fading Senses, Out of Nowhere,
           Further Away, Leap of Faith, Came Down.
bonus : Came Down - The Solos that got away, Lost in Paradise.
cd 2 : Recorded live at the Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg,
           Germany, 10 February 2018) : Intro/The Darkest Hour,
           Fading Senses, Leap of Faith, Came Down,
           Further Away, Out of Nowhere. 

Resistance   ( 2019 )

 cd 1 : A Missile, Stay Down, Rise, A Shallow Bay,
           If Anything, For Another Lifetime.
cd 2 : The Great Spirit Way, Fire And Security,
           Perfect Space, Fallout.

A Show Of Resistance
Live At The Colos-Saal, Germany  
( 2020 )

 titres : The Darkest Hour. The Thousand Days,
             From the Outside In. Fading Senses. Mome (New Song)
             The Road of Bones. Leap of Faith. Came Down,
             Further Away, Frequency, Closer, Until The End, Failsafe.


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