~  KANSAS  ~ 


U S A  -  rock progressif  -  **** 


 Un méga groupe de heavy progressif US, dont la particularité réside
dans le contraste entre les riffs de guitare électrique, tendance hard rock
et les passages très doux au violon et à la guitare sèche.
Le mélange des styles "boogie-rock" et des arrangements complexes
rapproche donc  
Kansas  du courant du rock progressif.
Une référence !!!



   -  Phil EHART - batterie, percussion - ( 76,77,82,83,86,88,92,95,98,02,04,09,20 )
   -  Steve WALSH - chant, claviers - ( 76,77,86,88,92,95,98,02,04,09 )
   -  Dave HOPE - basse - ( 76,77,82,83,92,04 )
Kerry LIVGREN - guitars, claviers - ( 76,77,82,83,92,04,09)
Robby STEINHARDT - chant, violon - ( 76,77,82,98,02, 04 )
Rich WILLIAMS - guitares acoust. & electr. - ( 76,77,82,83,92,95,98 )
John  ELEFANTE  -  chant, claviers - ( 82,83,04 )
Tery Brock, Kyle Henderson & Terry Pack  - choeurs - ( 83 ) 
Billy  GREER - chant, basse - ( 86,88,92,95,98, 09,02,04,09,20 )
David  RAGSDALE  -  violon, guitare, choeurs - ( 92,95,09,04,09,20 )
Greg  ROBERT  -  claviers, chant - ( 92,95 )
Steve  MORSE  -  guitare - ( 86,88,98,04,09 )
Richard  WILLIAMS  -  guitares - ( 86,88,02,04,09, 20 )
Ronnie  PLATT  -  chant - ( 20 )
Zak  RIZVI  -  guitare, choeurs - ( 20 )
Tom  BRISLIN  -  claviers, choeurs, chant sur "The Song The River Sang" - (20)

  +   The Philharmonia Orchestra  direction  Andrew Powell ( 86 )




Leftoverture      ( 1976 )

 titres : carry on wayward son, the wall,
             what's on my mind,
             miracles out of nowhere, opus insert,
             questions of my childhood,
             cheyenne anthem, magnum opus.
bonus : carry on wayward son (live),
              cheyenne Anthem (live)

Point of know return   ( 1977 )

 titres : point of know return, paradox,
             the spider, portrait (he knew),
             closet chronicles, lightning hand,
             dust in the wind, sparks of the tempest,
             nobody's home, hopelessly human.

Vinyl confessions     ( 1982 )

 titres : play the game tonight, right away,
             fair exchange, chasing shadows,
             diamonds and pearls, face it, windows,
             borderline, play on, crossfire.

Drastic measures   ( 1983 )

 titres : fight fire with fire, everybody's my friend,
             mainstream, andi, going through the motions,
             get rich, don't take your love away,
             end of the age, Incident on a bridge.

Best of    ( 1984 )

 titres : carry on wayward son,
             point of know return, fight fire with fire,
             dust in the wind, song for américa,
             perfect lover, hold on, no one together,
             play the game tonight, the wall.

Power       ( 1986 )

 titres : silhouettes in disguise, power, all I wanted,
             secret service, we're not alone anymore,
             musicatto, taking in the view, three pretenders,
             tomb 19, can't cry anymore.

In the spirit of things    ( 1988 )

 titres : ghosts, one big sky, Inside of me,
             one man one heart, house on fire,
             once in a lifetime, stand beside me,
             I counted on love, the preacher, rainmaker,
             T.o. witcher, bells of Saint James.

Live at the whisky    ( 1992 )

 titres : Introduction,
             howlin' at the moon" from "magnum opus,
             paradox, point of no return, song for America,
             the wall, hold on, dust in the wind,
             miracles out of nowhere, mysteries and mayhem,
             portrait (he knew), carry on wayward son,
             down the road, lonely street.

Freaks of nature   ( 1995 )

 titres : I can fly, desperate times,
             hope once again, black fathom,
             under the knife, need, freaks of nature,
             cold grey morning, peaceful and warm.

Always never the same   ( 1998 )

grands classiques, compositions nouvelles, avec le
London symphony orchestra, somptueux !!!

 titres : eleanor rigby, dust in the wind, preamble,
             song for américa, in your eyes,
             miracles out of nowhere, hold on,
             the sky is falling, cheyenne anthem,
             prelude, the wall, need to know,
             nobody's home.

Live at the King Biscuit Flower
hour presents Kansas    
( 1998 )

 titres : hagnum opus, one big sky, paradox,
             point of know return, the wall, all I wanted,
             T.O. witcher, dust in the wind,
             miracles out of nowhere, the preacher,
             house on fire, carry on wayward son.

Dust in the wind - live   ( 2002 )

 titres : miracles out of nowhere, paradox, one big sky,
             T.O. witcher, dust in the wind, the preacher,
             point of know return, house on fire,
             carry on wayward son, all I wanted,
             the wall, magnum opus.

Device - voice - drum   ( 2002 )

 cd 1 : Intro, belexes, Icarus II, Icarus,
           song for America, howlin' at the moon,
           the wall, the preacher, journey from mariabronn,
           dust in the wind, Cheyenne anthem,
           child of Innocence.
cd 2 : miracles out of nowhere, point of know return,
           portriat / pinnacle, fight fire with fire,
           play the game tonight, carry on wayward son.

Sail on   1974 / 2004

~  2 CDs + DVD  ~

( 2004 )

 cd 1 : can I tell you, journey from mariabronn,
           song for America, lamplight symphony,
           icarus, the pinnacle, child of innocence,
           carry on wayward son, cheyenne anthem,
           miracles out of nowhere,
           what's on my mind.
cd 2 : point of know return, portrait,
           dust in the wind, lightning's hand,
           spark of the tempest, paradox,
           people of the south wind, hold on,
           got to rock on, play the game to night,
           fight fire with fire, all I wanted,
           rainmaker, desperate times,
           eleanor rigby, icarus II.

 DVD : can I tell you, journey from mariabronn, death of mother nature suite, icarus,
             the pinnacle, point of know return, dust in the wind, on the other side,
             people of the south wind, reason to be, away from you, fight fire with fire,
             all I wanted, the preacher, miracles out of nowhere, carry on wayward son.

There’s know place like home

( 2009 )

~  D V D  ~

 titres : howling at the moon, belexes,
             point of no return, song for America,
             on the other side, musicatto,
             ghosts/rainmaker, nobody’s home,
             hold on, cheyenne anthem, Icarus II,
             Icarus: borne on the wings of steel,
             miracles out of nowhere, Incommudro,
             the wall, fight Fire with fire,
             dust In the wind, carry on wayward son,
bonus : down the road.

The Absence of Presence   ( 2020 )

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