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The Light Afternoon  est un projet studio mettant en vedette  Steve Newland
( guitares, claviers
& production ) et  Annette Appleton  au chant.
Le nouvel album " Among The Family Tree " a été publié en Mars 2014,
leur premier album " My Parallel Life " date de Décembre 2012.



Steve  Newland   -  guitares, claviers & production -
Annette  Appleton  -  voix -  


Among The Family Tree    ( 2014 )

 titres : When I See Ghosts, The Man From Altea,
The Accidental Singer, Ageless, The Eigentümer,
Do Not Immerse In Water, Among the Family Tree,
We Are Fragile Like the China.

The History Of Mr Puffin Man   ( 2017 )

 titres : A Boy on a Farm, The Lord of Amber and Grey,
             Solstice I Named Her, The Buffer Zone,
             Mystery Plays, Coal Iron Crops & Tea.


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