Angleterre  -  folk progressif  -  ** 


 Musique folk progressive aux superbes vocaux et belles harmonies .




Chris  SIMPSON  -  guitares, chant -
 Linda  SIMPSON  -  guitare, chant -
 Lee  ABBOT  -  basse -
 Paul  BURGESS  -  batterie -
 Derek  NASH  -  saxophone -
Lain  STEWART  -  mouth harp -



live at the Grassington festival   ( 1998 )

 titres : highway to spain, wind on the water,
             one man's heaven, ulysses,
             terminal case of you,
             got my eyes on you two old friends, song for gaza,
             blues for a long road home,
             seasons in the tide, fooled by a promise,              elizabethan, ticket to the moon,
             banjo man, magnolia.

The Fields Of Eden   ( 2015 )

 titres : Anemos, Long Time Running,
             Walk Away From Heaven, Fields Of Eden,
             The Same Rain, Greenhow Hill, This Time Around,
             European Union Blues, Nidderdale/Backroads,
             The Wild Geese (The Spirit Of The Wide Northland),
             Life In The Old Dog.


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