~  MAGNUM  ~


Angleterre  -  rock FM progressif  -  ***


Excellent groupe des 80's ,
 Magnum  est à classer parmi les
groupes de rock FM légèrement teinté de progressif,
dans la lignée de groupes comme  
Styx  ou  Journey
musique mélangeant hard, mélodic , heavy & progressif,
axée essentiellement sur les lignes mélodiques du
chanteur à la voix agréable, et sur des rythmiques entraînantes.



Bob  CATLEY  -  chant -
Tony  CLARKIN  -  guitare, chant -
Mark  STANWAY  -  claviers - ( 02 à 17 )
Wally  LOWE  -  basse, chant - ( 02 , 05 )
Mickey  BARKER  -  batterie - ( 02 , 05 )
Al  BARROW  -  basse - ( 07, 12 , 16, 17 )
Harry  JAMES  -  batterie - ( 07, 12, 16, 17 )
Denis  WARD  -  basse - ( 20, 21 )
 Lee  MORRIS  -  batterie - ( 20, 21 )
Rick  BENTON  -  claviers - ( 20, 21 )




A winter's tale - 1992    ( 2002 )

~  D V D  ~

  titres : all england's eyes, vigilante, remember,
              les morts dansant, you're the one,
              on a story teller's night, tall ships,
              how far jerusalem, only in america,
              days of no trust, kingdom of madness,
              midnight, on chrismas day,
              the last dance, one sacred hour,
              when the world comes down,
              we wish you a merry chrismas.

Livin' the dream     ( 2005 )

~  D V D  ~

 DVD 1: intro, brand new morning, backstreet kids need
               a lot of love, s
oldier of the line, we all run,
               vigilante, k
ingdom of madness,  sacred hour,
ow far jerusalem, just like an  arrow,
n a storytellerís night, before the first  light, 
es morts dansant, endless love, two hearts,
steal your heart, all englandís eyes,
he last dance.
 DVD 2: videos: rockin chair, lonely nights,
It must have been love, days of no trust,
tart talking love, just like an arrow,
eart broke and busted, midnight,
+ interviews, slideshow, etc

Princess Alice & the broken arrow

( 2007 )

  titres : when we were younger, eyes wide open,
              like brothers we stand, out of the shadows,
              dragons are real, Inside your head, be strong,
              thank you for the day, your lies,
              desperate times, you'll never sleep.

On the 13th day    ( 2012 )

  titres : all the dreamers, blood red laughter,
              didnít like you anyway, on the 13th day,
              so let it rain, dance of the black tattoo,
              shadow town, putting things in place,
              broken promises, see how they fall,
              from within.

Sacred Blood Divine Lies   ( 2016 )

  titres : Sacred Blood "Divine" Lies, Crazy Old Mothers,
              Gypsy Queen, Princess In Rags (The Cult),
              Your Dreams Won't Die, Afraid Of The Night,
              A Forgotten Conversation, Quiet Rhapsody,
              Twelve Men Wise And Just , Don't Cry Baby.

The Valley Of Tears - The Ballads  ( 2017 )

  titres : Dream About You (remastered),
              Back in Your Arms Again (newly re-recorded),
              The Valley of Tears (remixed, remastered),
              Broken Wheel (newly re-recorded),
              A Face in the Crowd (remixed, remastered),
              Your Dreams Won't Die (remastered),
              Lonely Night (acoustic version, newly re-recorded),
              The Last Frontier (remixed, remastered),
              Putting Things In Place (remixed, remastered),
              When The World Comes Down (new live version).

The Serpent Rings   ( 2020 )

  titres : Where Are You Eden?, You Can't Run Faster Than Bullets,
              Madman or Messiah, The Archway of Tears,
              Not Forgiven, The Serpent Rings, House of Kings,
              The Great Unknown, Man, The Last One on Earth,
              Crimson on the White Sand.


The Monster Roars   ( 2021 )

  titres : The Monster Roars, Remember, All You Believe In, 
              I Won't Let You Down, The Present Not The Past,
              No Steppin' Stones, That Freedom Word, 
              Your Blood Is Violence, Walk The Silent Hours, 
              The Day After The Night Before, Come Holy Men,
              Can't Buy Yourself Heaven.


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