Italie  -  néo-progressif   -  **


Album du compositeur et clavièriste Italien  
Marco Cinti ,
avec comme source d'inspiration majeure le  
Genesis des 70's.



Marco  CINTI  -  claviers -



above and beyond     ( 2009 ) 

 titres : a flower's legacy : where have all the flowers gone,
            the fiery roads, the riding, colors made by you :
            new year's day, caravan of colors,
            age of nothingness : Inner slumber / another             wasting day (part 1), another wasting day (part 2),             Inner slumber (reprise), kings and princes :             footprints of warriors, queen of the land / we are one,
            dry county : edge of twilight, the pink cavern,
            dawn-to-earth, the master retires in his rooms.


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