Angleterre  -  néo progressif  -  ****


Formé en 1978, par le guitariste  
Nick Barrett , Pendragon  est l'un des fers
de lance du renouveau du rock progressif anglais. Du néo-progressif dont
le style est à mi-chemin entre  
Camel ,  Pink Floyd , Genesis , Arena ,
le groupe perpétue la tradition d'un progressif symphonique, mélodique, lyrique,
subtil mélange de chanson soignées, plaisantes, et de mélodies travaillées,
aux somptueux arrangements, il se distingue par une rythmique
et des claviers qui alternent mélodies ciselées et envolées lyriques.
Une référence du courant néo-progressif,
Indispensable  !!!!



Nick  BARRETT    -  chant , guitare -
   -  Clive  NOLAN  -  claviers, choeurs - ( à partir de Kowtow )
Peter  GEE  - basse -
 Nigel HARRIS  -  batterie -percussions ,  ( 84, 85 )
   -  Rick CARTER  -  claviers - ( 84, 85 )
 Fudge  SMITH  -  batterie , percussions - ( 85 à 05 )
   -  Joe  CRABTREE  -  batterie - ( 06, 07 )
Scott  HIGHAM  -  batterie, choeurs - ( 08, DVD 09, 11, 12 , 13 )
Craig  BLUNDELL  -  batterie - ( 14 )
Jan Vincent  VELAZCO  -  batterie - ( 17 )

www.pendragon.mu/   www.petergee.net/
www.clivenolan.net/   www.toffrecords.com



      Photos concert :  Monte-Carlo - 14 octobre 2016
Marseille - 1 juin 2006


Fly High Fall Far    ( 1984 )

 titres : Fly High Fall Far, Victims of Life,
             Dark Summer's Day, Excalibur.

The jewel     ( 1985 )

 titres : higher circles, the pleasure of hope, leviathan,
             alaska ( at home with the earth, snowfall ),
             circus, oh divineo, the black knight,
             fly high fall far, victims of life.

The jewel     ( 1985 )

( remastered 2005 )

 titres : higher circles, the pleasure of hope, leviathan,
             alaska ( at home with the earth, snowfall ),
             circus, oh divineo, the black knight, fly high fall far,
             victims of life, armageddon, insomnia.

9:15 live       ( 1986 )

 titres : victims of life, higher circles, circus,
             leviathan, red shoes, alaska,
             the black knight, please (bonus studio)
extra tracks : dark summer's day, excalibur.

Kowtow     ( 1988 )

 titres : saved by you, the mask,
             time for a change, I walk the rope,
             2 am, total recall, the haunting,
             solid heart, kowtow.

The rest of Pendragon   ( 1991 )

faces B de singles, maxis singles
et autres inédits.

 titres :saved by you, lady luck, chase the  jewel,
            elephants never grow old, red shoes, searching,
            contact, fly high fall far, victim of life,
            dark summer's day, excalibur, fly high fall far (live)

The world     ( 1991 )

superbe concept album.
une de leur trois meilleures oeuvres.

 titres : black in the spotlight, the voyager, shane,
             prayer, queen of hearts,
             and we'll go hunting deer.

Very bootleg , live in Lille  ( 1992 )

live 91 à Lille.

 titres : excalibur, total recall, queen of hearts,
             and we'll go hunting deer, solid heart.

The window of life   ( 1993 )

concept album cousin de " the world "
une de leur trois meilleures oeuvres. 

 titres : the walls of babylon, ghosts,
             breaking the spell,
             the last man on earth, nostradamus,
             am I really losing you ?.

Fallen dreams and angels  ( 1994 )

mini cd avec inédits.

 titres : the third world in the UK, dune,
             sister bluebird,
             fallen dreams and angels.

Utrecht, the final frontier   ( 1995 )

live officiel d'excellente qualité.

 titres : kowtow, breaking the spell, the mask,
             the last man on earth,
             am I really losing you ?, the voyager,              nostradamus.

The masquerade overture  ( 1996 )

sans doute le cd progressif le plus vendu
en 1996, un superbe album !

 cd 1 : the masquerade overture,
           as good as gold, paint box,
           the pursuit of excellence,
           guardian of my soul, the shadow,
           master of illusion.
cd 2 : as good as gold, master of illusion, schizo,
           the king of the castle,

As good as god   ( 1996 )

mini cd avec 3 inédits et une version edit.

 titres : as good as gold, bird of paradise,
             midnight running, a million miles away.

Not of this world    ( 2001 )

encore du grand  Pendragon ! mélange de " the world ",
" window..", " masquerade..", de longs morceaux
mélodiques, rien ne manque, une merveille de
sensibilité et de sophistication, Magique !!!

 titres : If I were the wind,
             dance of the seven veils,
             not of this world,
             a man of nomadic traits, world's end,   
bonus : paintbox & king of the castle
              (version acoustique)

Acoustically challenged ( 2002 )

 avec : Peter Gee , Nick Barrett & Clive Nolan
titres : and we'll go hunting deer,
             fallen dreams and angels,
             a man of nomadic traits, world's end,
             the voyager, alaska,
             the pursuit of excellence, 2 AM,
             dark summer's day, unspoken words.
             + plage multimédia.

live ... at last and more

~ D V D ~    ( 1996 )

 titres : march of the torreodores ( intro ),
             nostradamus, as good as gold,
             paintbox, breaking the spell,
             guardian of my soul,
             back in the spotlight,
             the last man on earth, the shadow,              
             leviathan, masters of illusion,
             the last waltz ( queen of hearts part 3 ). 

Believe        ( 2005 )

 titres : believe, no place for the innocent,
             the wisdom of solomon,
             the wishing well ( -1- for your journey
             -2- sou' by sou'west -3- We Talked
             -4- two roads ),
             learning curve, the edge of the world.

And now everybody
to the stage...

~ D V D ~    ( 2006 )

 titres : no place for the innocent,
             as good as gold, guardian of my soul,
             kowtow, the wishing well,
             the edge of the seven veils,
             paintbox, the last waltz,
             breaking the spell, masters of illusion,
             the black knight, the lost children /
             green eyed angel / sister bluebird /
             the last man on earth, am I really losing you ?.
bonus vidéo : the progumentary -a home vidéo recording.

A rush of adrenaline

~ D V D ~    ( 2006 )

 titres : the walls of babylon,
             a man of nomadic traits,
             (don't forget to) breathe, alaska,
             and we'll go hunting deer, mindgames,
             paintbox, shadows of fate, lightshow,
             two roads, the king of the castle,
             jigsaw / the kruhulick syndrome /
             ring of roses, the voyager, nostradamus,
             the black knight.

Past and presence

~ D V D ~    ( 2007 )

 titres : higher circles, the pleasure of hope,
             leviathan, victims of life, armageddon,
             fly high fall far, excalibur, please, oh divineo,
             alaska, dark summer's day, circus,
             the black knight, 2AM, Stan and Ollie.
bonus : Interview with Nick Barrett and John Barnfield,
              behind the scenes,
              Nigel Harris on drums at Riffs Bar, UK,
              28th oct 2006, photo gallery, biography,

Pure        ( 2008 )

 titres : Indigo, eraserhead,
             comatose :a) view from the seashore,
             b) space cadet, c) home and dry,
             the freak show, It's only me.

Zoetermeer    (04/10/08)  ( 2008 )

 titres : intro, walls of Babylon,
            welcome sugar lake city, circus,
            outdoor sports,  a man of nomadic traits,
            intro, the wishing well, intro, eraserhead,
            stargazing, learning curve,breaking the spell,
            the shadow,the freak show,heavy metal scott,
            heavy metal scott, intro,  It's only me,
            masters of Illusion, thank you for 30 years,
            2AM, paintbox.

nouveau casino Paris  (24/10/08)

( 2008 )

 titres : walls of Babylon, a man with nomadic traits,
             the wishing well, eraserhead,
             breaking the spell, the voyager,
             the freakshow, Nostradamus,
             It's only me, master of illusion, 2am.

Concerto maximo

~ D V D ~    ( 2009 )

 titres : walls of Babylon, a man of nomadic traits,
             wishing well, eraserhead, total recall,              Nostradamus, learning curve, breaking the spell,              sister bluebird, shadow, the freak show,
             the voyager, Its only me, masters of illusion,
             king of the castle, and well go hunting deer,              queen of hearts.  bonus features.

Passion     ( 2011 )

 titres : passion, empathy, feeding frenzy,
             this green and pleasant land,
             It's just a matter of not getting caught,
             skara brae, you black heart.

Out of order comes chaos

~ D V D ~    ( 2012 )

 titres : passion, back in the spotlight, ghosts,
             not of this world, comatose, If I were the wind,
             freakshow, empathy, this green and pleasant land,
             shane, feeding frenzy, nostradamus,
             last man on earth, Indigo, prayer, paintbox.
bonus video : Interview with Nick Barrett,
              ...some of the order, ...some of the chaos.
 biography, discography, photo gallery, desktop images.

Out of order comes chaos   ( 2013 )

 cd 1 : passion, back in the spotlight, ghosts,
             not of this world, comatose, If I were the wind,
             freakshow, empathy,
cd 2 : this green and pleasant land,
             shane, feeding frenzy, nostradamus,
             last man on earth, Indigo, prayer, paintbox.

Men who climb mountains  ( 2014 )

 cd 1 : Belle Ame, Beautiful Soul, Come Home Jack,
           In Bardo, Faces of Light, Faces of Darkness,
           For When the Zombies Come,
           Explorers of the Infinite, Netherworld.
cd 2 : Voyager, Man Of Nomadic Traits,
           This Green And Pleasant Land, Nostradamus,
           Paintbox, King Of The Castle, Indigo, Freakshow,
           Masters Of Illusion, Space Cadet,
           Edge Of The World, It's Only Me.

Masquerade 20

~ D V D ~    ( 2017 )

 titres : The Masquerade Overture, As Good As Gold,
             Paintbox, The Pursuit of Excellence,
             Guardian of my Soul, The Shadow, Masters of Illusion,
             King of the Castle, Schizo, Beautiful Soul,
             Faces of Light, Nostradamus, Explorers of the Infinite,
             Come Home Jack, This Green and Pleasant Land,
             Breaking the Spell, Indigo.
bonus : Interview with Peter Gee & Jan-Vincent Velazco,
              In Bardo in Sri Lanka.
              Photo Gallery, Discography, Desktop Images.


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