~  PORCUPINE  TREE  ~  ( voir  Steven Wilson )


Angleterre  -  rock progressif  -  **** 


Voici une des meilleures formations actuelles de la scène rock progressif,
cette réussite est à mettre au crédit de son mentor  
Steven Wilson ,
homme à tout faire doublé d'un producteur extrêmement recherché.
Une musique influencée par  
Pink Floyd , Ozric Tentacles ,
du post-psychédélique sur des rythmes hypnotiques, aux longues envolées lyriques,
ou plus musclées lorsque le besoin s'en fait sentir, une musique planante, complexe,
inspirée, aux influences déliro-spatiales, aux mélodies superbes et émouvantes,
délicatesse, sophistication, trouvailles sonores, gazouillis de synthétiseurs,
guitare floydienne, et voix "allumée"
, mais aussi plus metal progressif
sur les derniers albums, tout un programme !
Il n'en faut pas plus pour faire de  Porcupine Tree  un groupe
indispensable et absolument Incontournable !!!!



Steven  WILSON  -  chant, guitares, claviers -
Richard  BARBIERI  -  claviers -
Colin  EDWIN  -  basse -
Chris  MAITLAND  -  batterie, chant - ( 92 à 04 )
Gavin  HARRISON  - batterie & percussions - ( 05 à 22 )

Alex  LIFESON  -  guitare solo (3) - ( 07 )
Robert  FRIPP  -  soundscapes (5) - ( 07 )
John  WESLEY  -  choeurs, guitare - ( 07, 08, 10 )
Robert  FRIPP  -  lead guitare (1) - ( 07* )
Ben  COLEMAN  -   violon électrique (4) - ( 07* )



Photos : Milan - 4 novembre 2009


On the Sunday of life    ( 1992 )

 titres : music for the head, jupiter island,
             third eye surfer, on the Sunday of life,
             the nostalgia factory, space transmission,
             message from a self-destructing turnip,
             radioactive toy, nine cats, hymn,
             footprints, linton samuel dawson,
             and the swallows dance, queen quotes crowley,
             no luck with rabbits, begonia seduction scene,
             this long silence, it will rain for a million years.

Up the downstair    ( 1993 )

 titres : what you are listening to, synesthesia,
             monuments burn into moments,
             always never, up the downstair,
             not beautiful anymore, siren, small fish,
             burning sky, fadeaway.

Voyage 34  -  the complete trip

( 1993 )

réédition du mini cd de 92, avec inédits .

 titres : I, II, III, IV.

The sky moves sideways   ( 1995 )

album qui intronise réellement le groupe du
Steven Wilson ! 

 titres : the sky moves sideways ( I ),
             dislocated day,
             the moon touches your shoulder,
             prepare yourself, moonloop,
             the sky moves sideways (II )

Signify       ( 1996 )

plus nerveux que les autres mais toujours floydien,
très pro , son énorme !!!

 titres : bornlivedie, signify,
             sleep of no dreaming, pagan, waiting ( I )
             waiting ( II ), sever, idiot prayer,
             every home is wired, intermediate jesus,
             light mass prayers, dark matter.

Waiting     ( 1996 )

 titres : waiting ( I ), waiting ( II ),
             the sound of no-one listening.

Coma divine      ( 1997 )

ce live à Rome 97 permet de partager en concert
la folie spacio-rock psyché hallucinée de ce groupe,
un live de toute beauté !!!

 titres : bornlivedieintro, signify, waiting (I & II)
             the sky moves sideways, dislocated day,
             the sleep of no dreaming, moonloop,
             radioactive toy, not beautiful anymore.

Stupid dream       ( 1999 )

toujours pro, des plans rock, pop, psyché,beatlessiens, symphoniques, planants, floydiens…,
superbe !!!!

 titres : even less, piano lessons, stupid dream,
             pure narcotic, slave called shiver,
             don't hate me, this is no rehearsal,
             baby dream in cellophane,
             stranger by the minute, a smart kid,
             tinto brass, stop swimming.

Acoustic set in Tel Aviv    ( 1999 )

 titres : even less, a smart kid, small fish, fadeaway,
             gravity eyelids, shesmovedon, trains, nine cats,
             last chance to evacuate, pure narcotic,
             disappear, blackest eyes, feel so low,
             buying new soul, waiting, stars die.

Lightbulb sun     ( 2000 )

mélodies superbes et émouvantes, délicatesse, sophistication, trouvailles sonores, guitare floydienne,
un album sublime !!! 

 titres : lightbulb sun, how is your life today ?,
             four chords that made a million, shesmovedon,
             last chance to evacuate planet earth before it is recycled,
             the rest will flow, hatesong, where we would be,
             russia on ice, feel so low.

 Recordings       ( 2001 )

cd regroupant les inédits, maxis, versions alternatives
et un nouveau magnifique morceau.

 titres : buying new soul, access denied,
             cure for optimism, untitled, disappear,
             ambulance chasing, in formaldehyde,
             even less, oceans have no memory.

Stars die - the delirium years  91 / 97  ( 2002 )

 cd 1 : radioactive toy, nine cats,
           and the swallows dance above the sun,
           nostalgia factory, voyage 34 I,
           synesthesia, phantoms, up the downstair,
           fadeaway, rainy taxi.
cd 2 : stars die,the sky moves sideways I men of wood,            waiting, the sound of no-one listening,
           colourflow in mind, fuse the sky,
           signifyII every home is wired, sever, dark matter.

In absentia     ( 2002 )

 titres : blackest eyes, trains, lips of ashes,
             the sound of muzak, gravity eyelids,
             wedding nails, prodigal, 3,
             the creator has a master tape,
             heart attack in a lay by, strip the soul,
             collapse the light into earth.

Warszawa     ( 2004 )

live in Pologne 2001

 titres : even less, slave called shiver, shesmovedon,
             last chance to evacuate planet earth before it is recycled,
             lightbulb sun, russia on ice,
             where we would be, hatesong,
             stop swimming, voyage, signify.

Deadwing     ( 2005 )

 titres : deadwing, shallow, lazarus, halo,
             arriving some in where but not here,
             mellotron scratch, open car,
             start of something beautiful,
             glass arm shattering.

Arriving somewhere   
( 2006 )

~ D V D   ~

 DVD 1 : revenant, open car, blackest eyes, lazarus, hatesong,
   don't hate me, mother and child divided, buying new soul,
   so called friend, arriving somewhere but not here,
   heartattack in  a layby, start of something  beautiful, halo,  
   sound of muzak, even less,    trains, end credits.
DVD 2 : rockpalast TV: futile, radioactive toy.
   lazarus - promo clip. start of something  beautiful, halo,
   mother and child divided
(live film)
   gavin harrison - cymbal song film
(stereo&5.1 audio)photo gallery.

Fear of a blank planet    ( 2007 )

 titres : fear of a blank planet, my ashes, anesthetize,              sentimental, way out of here, sleep together.

Nil recurring    ( 2007* )

 titres : nil recurring, normal, cheating the polygraph,
             what happens now?.

We lost the skyline ( live )   ( 2008 )

 titres : the sky moves sideway, even less, stars die,
             waiting, normal, drown with me, lazarus, trains.

The Incident     ( 2009 )

 d 1 : the Incident :I. occam's razor, II. the blind house,
         III. great expectations, IV. kneel and disconnect,
         V. drawing the line, VI. the Incident,
         VII. your unpleasant family,
         VIII. the yellow windows of the evening train,
         IX. time flies, X. degree zero of liberty,
         XI. octane twisted, XII. the séance,
         XIII. circle of manias, XIV. I drive the hearse.
d 2 : flicker, Bonnie the cat, black dahlia,
         remember me lover.

Anesthetize       ( 2010 )

 titres : Intro?, fear of a blank planet?, my ashes,              anesthetize, sentimental, way out of here,
             sleep together, what happens now ?, normal,
             dark matter, drown with me,
             cheating the polygraph, half-light, sever,
             wedding nails, strip the soul / dot three,
             sleep of no dreaming, halo, outro.

Closure / Continuation      ( 2022 )

 titres : Harridan, Of The New Day, Rats Return, Dignity,
             Herd Culling, Walk The Plank, Chimera’s Wreck.


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