Finlande   -  progressif symphonique   -  **





   -  Mika  Koskela  -  batterie, sentence & FX
Janne  Rinnet  -  basse, chant, percussions, e-bow, vacuum -
Tuukka  Haapala  -  claviers, instr. à vent électr., choeurs -
Petri  Ahola  -  guitare, guitare synth, choeurs -
Kristian  Hannonen  -  chant -
Antonio  Salomaa  -  verbal diarrhoea, the voice of Terl -



name stolen         ( 2005 )

  titres : Inside the temple, Thief: The story, (a) Inside,
 (b) Exile, (c) Outside, Dying of light, Including CRK-HNV 3.36,
 Giant steps, (a) Consider it done, (b) Suspicion,
 Severance is futile, A song for the dessert - A song for the fallen,
 (a) Requiem of a lonley man, (b) Momentum, (c) The irrational
 reports a spectacular loss of apparatus for the ill of substance,
 (d) Mementum, Sunriders, (a) Winds from the past,
 (b) The reckoning,(c) Heroic expressions, a turttel.


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