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" RavenBlack Project "
est le projet solo du guitariste italien  Riccardo Bacchi  auquel
participe : Andre Matos, Jon Oliva, Amanda Somerville, Doogie White, Mark Boals,
James Christian, Giacomo Voli  et beaucoup d'autres ...




Breaking Through The Mist   ( 2015 )

 titres : My New Revelations (feat. Mark Boals),
        The Faithless and the Dreamer (feat. Andre Matos & Jon Oliva),
        One-Night Stand (feat. Doogie White),
        Redemption Blaze (feat. Alberto Bollati),
        The Ancestral Call (feat. Amanda Somerville & Doogie White),
        The Road to Hell Paso (feat. Mark Boals),
        Wasting Memories (feat. James Christian),
        Your Load of Lies (feat. Franco Campanella),
        Lullaby for a Wolf (feat. Amanda Somerville).


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