~  RITUAL  ~ 


Suède  -  rock progressif  -  *** 


Cette formation scandinave mêle avec bonheur hard-rock seventies
à la  
Led Zeppelin  et folk-rock progressif suédois, on pense aussi à
Yes , Gentle Giant , Echolyn . Dès leur premier album,
les mélodies novatrices frappent par la diversité des sons
( violons, mandoline, bouzouki,...) et la splendeur de ses vocaux,
Des albums des progressif mélodique, denses, pros, originaux, et typés.



Patrik  LUNDSTRÖM  -  chant, guitares électrique & acoustique -
Fredrik  LINDQVIST  -  basse, bouzouki, mandoline, sifflet,..chant -
Johan  NORDGREN  -  batterie, percussions,... chant -
 Jon  GAMBLE  -  claviers, harmonica, chant -



ritual       ( 1995 )

 titres : wingspread, the way of things,
             typhoons decide, a little more like me,              solitary man, life has just begun,              dependence day,
             sea song for the moominpappa,
             you can never tell, big black secret,              power place.

superb birth      ( 1999 )

 titres : dinosaur spaceship, golden angel,              coming home, really something, lobby,              6/8, Into the heat, sadly unspoken,
             did I go wrong, mothersong,
             a voice of divinity,
             do you want to see the sun.

live    ( 2006 )

 cd 1 : vision quest, what are you waiting for,
 typhoons decide, really something, moomin
 took my head, Infinite justice, humble decision,
 once the tree would bloom, did I go wrong,
 think like a mountain, solitary man.
cd 2 : dinosaur spaceship, explosive paste,
 acoustic medley :1) a little more like me,
 2) the way of things, 3) dependence day,
 4) you can never tell, 5) life has just begun,
 mother you've been gone for much too long,
 do you wanna see the sun,big black secret,
 seasong for the moomin pappa.

the hemulic voluntary band

( 2007 )

 titres : the hemulic voluntary band, In the wild,
             late in november, the groke,
             waiting by the bridge,
             a dangerous journey.


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