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Boz Scaggs  né William Royce , est un chanteur, compositeur et
guitariste américain, né le 8 juin, 1944 à Canton (Ohio - États-Unis).
Scaggs a appris à jouer de la guitare à 12 ans. Il fit partie du groupe de
Steve Miller  The Marksmen en 1959 puis retrouva Miller quelques années plus tard à l'Université du Wisconsin où ils jouaient dans le groupe
The Ardells. Après avoir été chanteur dans plusieurs groupes, Boz Scaggs débuta une carrière en solo en 1965. Il participa cependant aux enregistrements des deux premiers albums de  Steve Miller  Children of
the Future et Sailor, deux albums au style psychédélique caractéristiques
des groupes de San Francisco de l'époque. En 1976, Scaggs a enregistré l'album Silk Degrees qui devint numéro 2 dans les classements américains. Son album Middle Man a eu aussi un bon succès en 1980.
Il a continué à enregistrer pendant les années 1990, mais de manière sporadique, et connu le succès à nouveau en 2003 avec But Beautiful,
une collection de standards de jazz.
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Boz  Scaggs  -  guitare, chant -

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Boz      ( 1965 )

 titres : Steamboat (The Coasters),
             Baby Let Me Follow You Down,
             Girl from the North Country, You're So Fine,
             Got You on My Mind, That's Alright,
             Hey Baby, Gangster of Love, How Long,
             Let the Good Times Roll,
             Stormy Monday Blues, C.C. Rider.

Boz Scaggs     ( 1969 )

 titres : Children of the Future, Pushed Me to It,
             You've Got the Power, In My First Mind,
             The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing,
              Baby's Callin' Me Home, Steppin' Stone,
              Roll with It, Junior Saw It Happen,
              Fanny Mae, Key to the Highway.

Moments     ( 1971 )

 titres : We Were Always Sweethearts,
             Downright Women, Painted Bells, Alone Alone,
             Near You, I Will Forever Sing (The Blues),
             Moments, Hollywood Blues, We Been Away,
             Can I Make It Last (Or Will It Just Be Over).

Slow Dancer    ( 1974 )

 titres : You Make It So Hard (To Say No), Slow Dancer,
             Angel Lady (Come Just In Time),
             There Is Someone Else, Hercules,, Pain of Love,
             Sail on White Moon, Let It Happen,
             I Got Your Number, Take It for Granted.

Silk Degrees    ( 1976 )

 titres : What Can I Say, Georgia, Jump Street,
             What Do You Want the Girl to Do,
             Harbor Lights, Lowdown, It's Over,
             Love Me Tomorrow, Lido Shuffle,
             We're All Alone.

Down Two Then Left   ( 1977 )

 titres : Still Falling for You, Hard Times, A Clue,
             Whatcha Gonna Tell Your Man, We're Waiting,
             Hollywood, Then She Walked Away,
             Gimme the Goods, 1993, Tomorrow Never Came
             / Tomorrow Never Came (Reprise).

Middle Man     ( 1980 )

 titres : Jojo, Breakdown Dead Ahead, Simone,
             You Can Have Me Anytime, Middle Man,
             Do Like You Do in New York, Angel You,
             Isn't It Time, You Got Some Imagination.

Hits!     ( 1980 )

 titres : Lowdown, You Make It So Hard (to Say No),
             Miss Sun, Lido Shuffle, We're All Alone,
             Breakdown Dead Ahead,
             Look What You've Done to Me, Jojo,
             Dinah Flo, You Can Have Me Anytime.

Other Roads    ( 1988 )

 titres : What's Number One?, Claudia, Heart of Mine,
             Right Out of My Head, I Don't Hear You,
             Mental Shakedown, Crimes of Passion, Funny,
             Cool Running, The Night of Van Gogh.

Some Change    ( 1994 )

 titres : You Got My Letter, Some Change,
             I'll Be The One, Call Me, Fly Like A Bird,
             Sierra, Lost It, Time, Illusion, Follow That Man.

Fade Into Light     ( 1996 )

 titres : Lowdown (Unplugged), Some Things Happen,
             Just Go, Fade Into Light,
             Harbor Lights (Unplugged) ,
             Lost It (Valley Version) , Time, Sierra,
             We're All Alone (Unplugged) , Simone,
             I'll Be the One (remix).

Come On Home     ( 1997 )

 titres : It All Went Down the Drain,
             Ask Me 'Bout Nothin' (But the Blues),
             Don't Cry No More, Found Love,
             Come On Home, Picture of a Broken Heart,
             Love Letters, I've Got Your Love,
             Early in the Morning,
             Your Good Thing (Is about to end), T-Bone Shuffle,
             Sick and Tired, After Hours, Goodnight Louise.

Dig      ( 2001 )

 titres : Payday, Sarah, Miss Riddle, I Just Go,
             Get on the Natch, Desire, Call That Love,
             King of El Paso, You're Not, Vanishing Point,
             Thanks to You.

But Beautiful     ( 2003 )

 titres : What's New?, Never Let Me Go,
             How Long Has This Been Going On?,
             Sophisticated Lady, But Beautiful, Bewitched,
             Bothered and Bewildered, Easy Living,
             I Should Care, You Don't Know What Love Is,
             For All We Know.
bonus : My Funny Valentine.


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