~  SCHMIT  Timothy B.  ~


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Timothy B. Schmit
 est un musicien et compositeur américain, ancien
bassiste et chanteur de  
Poco , qui commença sa carrière avec les  Eagles  en
1976 sur la tournée " Hotel California ".
Schmit  a également sorti des albums solo et a travaillé longtemps comme musicien de session. Il fut de la
reformation du groupe en 1994 et en demeure encore aujourd'hui membre.



 Timothy B. SCHMIT  -  



playin it cool     ( 1984 ) 

 titres : playin' it cool, lonely girl, so much in love,
             something's wrong, voices, wrong number,
             take a good look around you,
             tell me what you dream, gimme the money.

Timothy B     ( 1987 ) 

 titres : boys night out, don't give up,
hold me in your heart,
             everybody needs a lover, Into the night,
             a better day is coming, Jazz street,
             I guess I will go on living.

tell me the truth     ( 1990 ) 

 titres : tell me the truth,
was it something in the moonlight,
             something sad, down by the river,
             In roxy's eyes, let me go, perfect strangers,              all I want to do, tonight, for the children.

feed the fire     ( 2001 ) 

 titres : the shadow, every song is you,
             make you feel my love, I'll always let you in,              running, I'm not angry anymore,
             give me back my sight, you are everything,              top of the stairs, moment of truth,
             song for owen.

expando      ( 2009 ) 

 titres : one more mile, parachute, friday night,              Ella Jean, white boy from sacramento,              compassion , downtime, melancholy,
             I don't mind, secular praise, a good day.


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