Allemagne  -  néo progressif / électro / space rock ... -  ***


Shamall  est le nom utilisé par le compositeur et multi-instrumentiste
Norbert Krueler . Un projet musical né en 1986 lorsque
le jeune homme était encore DJ. Une musique tonique en diable,
une sympathique alchimie aux influences aussi diverses que
Eloy , Pink Floyd , Tangerine Dream , Klaus Schulze , Alan Parsons ,...
une fusion de Krautrock, new-age, prog symphonique, rock,
underground, électro-pop, classique,... entre séquences de claviers
symphoniques et guitares déliées et émotionnelles.
Une belle réussite dans le genre !!



 Norbert  Krueler  -  tous instruments -
Matthias  Mehrtens  -  guitares -
Anke  Ullrich  -  chant -




Journey to a nightmare    ( 1989 )

 titres : turning point,
        journey to a nightmare: theme of fear,
        journey to a nightmare: the classical vampire dance,  
        journey to a nightmare: Egyptian story,
        journey to a nightmare: the end of fear,
        journey to a nightmare: the awakening,
        nothing to say, april 23rd, falcons fly, dancing dew.

Moments of Illusion    ( 1990 )

 titres : physical visions, moments of illusion,
             spanish impressions, winter colours,
             power of love, Mozart's flight to Bangkok.

Mirror to eternity    ( 1993 )

 titres : mirror to eternity, mission hussein, ride fast,
             aurora (full version), follow your dreams,
             rotation : - I. summer dreams, II - rotation,
             the visitor, spring, still got the blues,
             aurora (dance mix).

Collectors Items     ( 1993 )

 cd 1 : pong tscha, the whole story of the turning point,
           monotonie, snowfall, highlander, space hunters,
           Christmas in Sherwood pt. I,
           Christmas in Sherwood pt. II,
           the end of a physical vision,
           Christmas in sherwood [trance version], nachspiel.
 cd 2 : my dream, caligula 2009, Karin, melodies [demo],
           no Idea [demo], machismo [demo],
           the beggar [demo], cocaine [demo].

 In search of precision     ( 1994 )

 titres : In search of precision, horizons,
             dream of a better world, heartland, landscape,              ambrosia, time machine, roll the dice,
             Mc Arthur's homecoming,
             theme of a broken romance,
             tell me why, China nights.

The Island earth     ( 1997)

 titres : this island earth, living world, terra magna,              earthchild, natural balance, crystal rain,
             human, marching time, desert song,
             one step back to the roots.

Influences     ( 1999 )

 cd 1 : Imagine, the long way from hell to heaven :
           part I , II, III, IV, rhythm of light,
           esotheric soul, Influence, outer space,
           left and right, after dark, autumn.
cd 2 : Sahara wind, mana Arabica, mana Europa,
           the voyager : part I, II, III, IV, V,
           automatic dance, flight, caravane of groovania,
           criminal dilemma, entering the dark zone,
           Itercalationed tension, theme of Imagine.

Questions of life     ( 2008 )

 titres : what will happen : part I, II, III, IV, V,
             prospective waves, life : part I, II,, exegesis,
             running and falling, resurge,
             about a totally freakin' out moment in life,
             adage : part I, II, the power of life part I,
             hall of 1000 strings,
             the terpsichorean frisk of creepy crawlies,
             the power of life part II.

Turn off    ( 2013 )

 cd 1 : Shine a Light, It's Been a Long Time (Pt.1), Shout it Out,
          The Devil Never Sleeps , Never Before the Demand Was
          Shout Out that Loud, Playing for the Ashes, Voices
(Pt.2), Too Many People (Pt.1),
          Too Many People
(Pt.2), So Much is on the Line
cd 2 : Diversion, The Creeping Dead, Reflective,
          Clouds Obscure the Sun, Horrible Nightmare,
          At the End of Time, The Hidden Enemy,
          Companion of Fortune, Wounded World , Turn Off
          Turn Off
(Pt.2), In these Days.

Continuation    ( 2016 )

 titres : Fragments Part I, Fragments Part II, Fragments Part III,
             It's Been a Long Time,
Linolenic Acid, Random Walker,
             Airborn, It's Time to Grasp the Mantle,
             Fragments Part IV,
Floating Subatomic Particles,
             Solitary Life,
So Much is on the Line (first Session),
             The Streets are Filled with People.

Schizophrenia    ( 2019 )

 cd 1 : Schizophrenia, Thoughts P.I, All The Answers,
     The Inconvenient Truth P.I, Frightened, On The Run,
     Foolin' Myself, Yearning Moments, Supernatural Dream,
     It Leads To Nothing, Thoughts P. II.
cd 2 : World Of Emotions, Meet Me By The Water,
     Man In The Mirror, The Inconvenient Truth P.II,
     The Shape Of Things To Come, We Are All In The Same Boat,
     Voices From Yonder, Always Livin' In A Lie,
     Despair Grows To Anger, Eyes Of A Stranger,
     Happy But Unhappy.


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