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Angleterre  -  hard rock / glam rock -  ***


Slade  est un groupe de rock britannique formé à la fin des années 1960, initialement de mouvance R&B, sous le nom de  The N'Betweens  et plus
tard comme groupe de folk rock sous le nom de  
Ambrose Slade .
Il faut attendre le début des années 1970 pour que le groupe rencontre un
grand succès en reprenant, dans un style glam rock, une série de chansons populaires. Le groupe reste lun des groupes le plus caractéristique de la mouvance glam rock, et était, au sommet de sa gloire, le groupe le plus
populaire, commercialement parlant, du Royaume-Uni.
C'est le groupe qui à récolté le plus de numéros un aux charts anglais
durant les années soixante-dix.

source wikipédia)



Noddy  HOLDER  -  chant, guitare -
Dave  HILL  -  guitare -
Jimmy  LEA  -  basse, violon,  piano -
Don  POWELL  -  percussions -


Photos concert 2010 à Monaco


beginnings      ( 1969 )

 titres : Genesis, everybody's next one,
             knocking nails into my house, roach daddy,
             ain't got no heart, pitty the mother, mad dog cole,
             fly me high, If this world were mine,
             Martha my dear, born to be wild,
             journey to the center of your mind.

play it loud       ( 1970 )

 titres : raven, see us here, dapple rose, could I,
             one way hotel, the shape of things to come,
             know who you are, I remember, pouk hill,
             Angelina, dirty joker, sweet box.

slayed ?       ( 1972 )

 titres : how d'you ride, the whole world's goin' crazee,
             look at last nite, I won't let it 'appen agen',
             move over, gudbuy t'jane, gudbuy gudbuy,
             mama weer all crazee now, I don' mind,
             let the good times roll/feel so fine.

old new borrowed and blue   ( 1974 )

 titres : just a little bit, when the lights are out, my town,
             find yourself a rainbow, miles out to sea,
             we're really gonna raise the roof, do we still do it,
             how can it be, don't blame me, my friend Stan,
             everyday, good time gals.

Slade in Flame      ( 1974 )

 titres : How Does It Feel?,
             Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing, So Far So Good,
             Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here),
             O.K. Yesterday Was Yesterday, Far Far Away,
             This Girl, Lay It Down, Heaven Knows,
             Standin' on the Corner,
             Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing,
             Thanks For the Memory.

live at the BBC     ( 2009 )

 cd 1 - Studio Sessions 1969-72
     coming home, the shape of things to come, see us here,      know who you are, my life is natural, coloured rain,
     man who speeks evil, move over, omaha, sweet box,      nights in white satin, It's alright ma, It's only witchcraft,      raven, gudbuy gudbuy, getting better, darling be home      soon, let the good times roll, dirty joker, get down and
     get with it, wild winds are blowing , radio 1 where the
     best music's on, we're Slade! , everyday the sounds we
     play on radio 1, this is radio 1, we're all having fun.

 cd 2 : live at the Paris Theatre, London, 17août 1972
Introduction, hear me calling, In like a shot (from my gun), look wot you dun,
           keep on rocking, move over baby, mama weer all crazee now, lady be good,
           coz I luv you, take me back 'ome, get down and get with It, good golly miss Molly.


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