Angleterre  -  crossover progressif  -  **


Tom Slatter  est un chanteur et compositeur anglais, sa musique se
situe entre folk, prog rock et indie rock.



 Tom  Slatter  -  chant, tous instruments -



Three Rows Of Teeth     ( 2013 )

 titres : Three Rows of Teeth,
             Mother's Been Talking To Ghosts Again,
             Self Made Man,
             The Engine That Played Through Their Honeymoon,
             Dance Dance Dance,
             These Tiny Things Are Haunting Me,
             The Time Traveller Suite 1: What We Say Three
             Times Is True, The Time Traveller Suite 2: Rise
             Another Leaf, The Time Traveller Suite 3: Love
             Letter And Entropy.

Through These Veins    ( 2014 )

 titres : I Am Not Your Heart,
             Segue - I Am Not Your Heart,
             Without My Medicine,
             Through These Veins.


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