Finlande  -  heavy metal mélodique  -  **


Sonata Arctica  est un groupe de heavy metal mélodique finlandais,
du power metal rapide et mélodique où le clavier et la guitare se
disputent la suprématie, agrémenté d’un chant clair et aigu. 



   -  Tommy  Portimo  -  batterie - (1995–present)
Tony  Kakko  -  chant (1996–present), claviers (1996–2000, 2003,
                               studio : 2007–present)
Henrik  Klingenberg  -  claviers, choeurs (2003–present)
Elias  Viljanen  -  guitare, choeurs (2007–present)
Pasi  Kauppinen  -  basse, choeurs (2013–present)

  anciens membres :
Jani  Liimatainen  -  guitare, choeurs (1995–2007), lead vocals (1995–1996)
Marko  Paasikoski  -  basse (1995–1996, 2000–2013), guitare (1996–1997),
                                      choeurs (1995–1997, 2000–2013)
Pentti  Peura  -  basse, choeurs (1996–1998)
Janne  Kivilahti  -  basse, choeurs (1998–2000)
Mikko  Härkin  -  claviers, choeurs (2000–2002)




Ecliptica       ( 1999 ) 

 titres : blank file, my land, 8th commandment,
             replica, kingdom for a heart, full moon,
             letter to Dana, un opened, picturing the past,              destruction preventer.

Silence        ( 2001 ) 

 titres : ...of silence, weballergy, false news travel fast,
             the end of this chapter, black sheep,
             land of the free, last drop falls,
             san sebastian (revisited), sing in silence,              revontulet (instr.), tallulah, wolf & raven,
             the power of one.

Reckoning night          ( 2004 ) 

 titres : misplaced, blinded no more, ain’t your fairytale,              reckoning day, reckoning night..,
             don’t say a word,
             the boy who wanted to be a real puppet,
             my selene, wildfire, white pearl, black oceans..,              shamandalie, wrecking the sphere(bonus Japon)

For the sake of revenge    ( 2006 ) 

 titres : Intro, misplaced, blinded no more,
             full moon & white pearl black oceans..,
             victoria's secret, broken, 8th commandment,              shamandalie, kingdom for a heart, replica,
             my land, black sheep, gravenimage,
             don't say a word, the cage & vodka.

Unia       ( 2007 ) 

 titres : In black and white, paid in full,
             for the sake of revenge, It won't fade,
             under your tree, caleb, the vice,
             my dream's but a drop of fuel for a nightmare,
             the harvest, the worlds forgotten,
             the words forbidden, fly with the black swan,
             good enough is good enough.

The Ninth Hour   ( 2016 ) 

 titres : Closer to an Animal, Life, Fairytale,
             We Are What We Are, Till Death’s Done Us Apart,
             Among the Shooting Stars, Rise a Night, Fly,
             Navigate, Communicate, Candle Lawns, White Pearl,
             Black Oceans Pt. II - (By the Grace of the Ocean),
             On the Faultline (Closure to an Animal).


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