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Progressif 70's, style  
Atomic Rooster , dominé par un orgue hammond
aux sonorités agressives et mordantes, un clavecin cristallin,
et des nappes majestueuses de mellotron, et des vocaux clairs et puissants !



Daniele  CAPUTO  -  batterie, percussions, chant -
 Stefano  GABBANI  -  basse, claviers -
Michele  PROFETI  -  claviers -
Davide  NICOLINI  -  guitare - ( 99 )



Curses and invocations   ( 1996 )

 titres : dysangelium, what more I have to play,
             cities of towers, ordeal, robin redbreast,
             gehenna, arrival of the traveller, herald,
             mooning round the mill hill,
             wise lane revenant, paddington bury,
             moon in cancer, n.t.f.b.y.,
             the one you fear and hate, crossing.

Stimmung      ( 1999 )

 titres : Intro, (we want) a peaceful village,
             kankweezler, stimmung, sonnermensch,
             moon in cancer, dark satanic mill,
             In my time of dying, yellow cave woman,
             I won't start another song.


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