~  STARZ  ~


U S A  -  hard rock / heavy metal  -  **


Starz  est un groupe de heavy metal & power pop du New Jersey, USA .
Un groupe culte malgré un succès commercial mitigé, dont les influences
sont à recherchées du côté de  
Mötley Crüe , Poison  &  Twisted Sister .



Michael  Lee Smith  -  chant -
 Richie  Ranno  -  guitare -
Brendan  Harkin  -  guitare -
Peter  Sweval  -  basse -
Joe  Dube  -  batterie -
Bobby Messano  -  guitare -
George DiAnna  -  basse -



Starz      ( 1976 )

 titres : Detroit Girls, Live Wire, Tear It Down,
             Boys in Action, (She's Just a) Fallen Angel,
             Monkey Business, Night Crawler,
             Over and Over, Pull the Plug, Now I Can.

Violation    ( 1977 )

 titres : Cherry Baby, Rock Six Times, Sing It,
             Shout It, Violation, Subway Terror,
             All Night Long, Cool One, S.T.E.A.D.Y.,
             Is That a Street Light or the Moon ?.

Attention Shoppers    ( 1978 )

 titres : Hold on to the Night, She,
             Third Time's the Charm,
             (Any Way That You Want It), I'll Be There,
             Waitin' on You, X-Ray Spex,
             Good Ale We Seek, Don't Think,
             Johnny All-Alone.

Coliseum Rock      ( 1978 )

 titres : So Young So Bad, Take Me, No Regrets,
             My Sweet Child, Don't Stop Now, Outfit,
             Last Night I Wrote a Letter, Coliseum Rock,
             It's a Riot, Where Will It End.

live      ( 1978 )

 titres : (She's Just a) Fallen Angel, Tear It Down,
             Live Wire, Monkey Business, Detroit Girls,
             She, Rock 6 Times, Subway Terror, Cool One,
             X-Ray Spex, Cherry Baby, Medley (Wainin'on
             You / Greatest Riffs of All Time / Coliseum
             Rock), Pull the Plug, Boys in Action.

live in Detroit 1983  ( 1983 )


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