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String Driven Thing
 est un groupe folk-rock écossais des 70's
conduit par le couple  
Chris  et  Pauline  Adams , mettant en vedette
le violon électrique de  
Grahame  Smith .



 Chris  ADAMS  -  guitare, chant -
Pauline  ADAMS  -  chant, percussions -
 Colin  WILSON  -  basse, guitare, banjo -
 Grahame  SMITH  -  violon, alto -
Billy  FAIRLEY  -  batterie, congas - ( 73 )
John  MANNION  -  guitare - ( 07 )



String Driven Thing    ( 1972 )

 titres : circus, fairground, hooked on the road,
             easy to be free, Jack Diamond, let me down,
             the last blue yodel, my real hero,
             regent street incident, there you are.
bonus : Eddie (live in Switzerland '73), let me down,
              then I met the lady, my real hero, to see you,
              circus live in London '95), pride.

the machine that cried   ( 1973)

 titres : heartfeeder, to see you, night club,
             sold down the river, two timin' rama, travelling,
             people on the street, the house,
             the machine that cried, river of sleep.
bonus : If only the good, It's a game, part of the city.

1968 - 1972 - the early years  ( 2007 )

 titres : July Morning, Say What You Like, Magic Garden,
             Wonderful Places, City Man,
             Another Night In This Old City,
             That's My Lady, No More You And I,
             Lie Back And Let It Happen,
             One Of The Lonely People,
             Someone Else's City ( Home Demo '67),
             Sometimes I Wish ( Home Demo '67),
             Waiting For The Sky To Fall (Home Demo '67),
             Magic Garden (Dave Cousins Demo '69),

  No More You And I (Dave Cousins Demo '69), Say What You Like (Dave Cousins Demo '69),
  Lie Back And Let It Happen (Dave Cousins Demo '69),
  Lie Back And Let It Happen (Ironic Jam With Colin Wilson, '70),
  Let Me Down (Home Demo, Chris & Colin, '70), Old Love New Love (Studio Demo, '71),
  Jack Diamond (Home Demo (only track with all five on it) '72), Argyle Street (Home Demo, '72),
  Winter Is Coming (Home Demo, '72), Regent Street Incident (Home Demo, '72),
  To See You (Blackpool 2001), Circus ( Blackpool 2001).


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