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Ten Years After  est un groupe britannique de blues / rock / jazzy
fondé en 1965. Devenu mondialement célèbre suite au festival de
Woodstock et à la prestation sur scène de son guitariste et chanteur
Alvin Lee , Ten Years After  a été l'une des formations majeures
du " British Blues Boom " à la fin des années 1960.
Ce groupe a également contribué à l'émergence du hard rock.




Alvin  LEE  -  chant, guitare -
Leo  LYONS   -  basse -
Chick  CHURCHILL   -  orgue -
Ric  LEE  -  batterie -



Stonedhenge     ( 1968 )

 titres : Going To Try, I Canít Live Without Lydia,
             Woman Trouble, Skoobly-oobly-doobob,
             Hear Me Calling, A Sad Song, Three Blind Mice,
             No Title, Faro, Speed Kills, Boogie On.

Sssh        ( 1969 )

 titres : Bad Scene, Two Time Mama, Stoned Woman,
             Good Morning Little Schoolgirl,
             If You Should Love Me,
             I Don't Know That You Don't Know My Name,
             The Stomp, I Woke Up This Morning.

cricklewood green     ( 1970 )

 titres : sugar the road, working on the road,              
             miles beneath my brain, year 3000 blues,
             me and my baby, love like a man, circles,
             as the sun still burns away,
bonus : warm sun, to no one.

live at the Fillmore East   ( 1970 )

 cd 1 : love like a man, good morning little school  girl,            working on the road, hobbit the,
           50,000 miles  beneath my brain,
           skoobly-oobly-doobob / I can't  keep from crying
           sometimes / extension on one chord.
cd 2 : help me, I'm going home, sweet little 16,
           roll over Beethoven, I woke up this morning,            spoonful.

a space in time     ( 1971 )

 titres : one of these days, here they come,
             I'd love to change the world, over the hill,
             baby won't you let me rock 'n' roll you,
             once there was a time, let the sky fall,
             hard monkeys, I've been there too, uncle Jam.

Rock & Roll Music to the World ( 1972 )

 titres : You Give Me Loving, Convention Prevention,
             Turned Off TV Blues, Standing At The Station,
             You Can't Win Them All, Religion,
             Choo Choo Moma, Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town,
             Rock & Roll Music To The World.

Recorded Live     ( 1973 )

 titres : One of these days, You give me loving,
             Good morning little schoolgirl, Hobbit,
             Help me I can't keep from cryin' some times,
             Extansion, On one chord, Slow blues in C,
             I'm going home, Choo choo mama.

live Boston 1989    ( 1989 )

 cd 1 : rock 'n' roll music to the world, hear me calling,            good morning little schoolgirl, slow blues in C,            let's shake it up, hobbit, love like a man,            saturday night, bad blood, Johnny B. Goode.
cd 2 : scat thing, I can't keep from crying sometimes,            victim of circumstance, I'm going home,
           ovation & dj, first encore, choo choo mama,
           ovation & dj, second encore, rip it up, ovation & dj.

best of        ( 1991 )

 titres : hear me calling, don't want you woman,              spoonful, portable people,
             standing at the crossroads, going to try,
             love like a man, skoobly-oobly-doobob,
             sweet little sixteen, woman trouble,
             speeds kills, help me, I can't keep from crying,              I'm going home.


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