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Angleterre  -  progressif psychédélique  -  ** 


Steve Winwood  a formé  Traffic  au printemps 1967, sabordant par la
même occasion le  
Spencer Davis Group  original alors en pleine gloire.
Steve  jouait assidûment depuis quelque temps déjà avec des copains
de la région de Birmingham :
Jim Capaldi ( batteur ), Chris Wood  ( flûtiste
et saxophoniste ) et  
Dave Mason ( guitariste chanteur ),  il produiront une musique naviguant entre pop psychedelique, rock, blues et jazz sous
couvert de progressif, cela donnant au groupe un son absolument unique.



 Steve  WINWOOD  -  orgue, guitares, basse, percussions, chant, .. -
 Jim  CAPALDI  -  batterie & percussions, chant -
 Chris  WOOD  -  flûte, saxophone, orgue, chant -
Dave  MASON  -  guitares, melloton, sitar, basse, chant, ...- ( 67,68,69,71*)
Jim  CAPALDI  -  batterie & percussions, chant - ( 69 )
Jim  GORDON  -  batterie & percussions - ( 71*,71 )
Rick  GRECH  -  basse - ( 71*,71 )
Reebop  KWAKU BAAH  -  congas, timbales, bongos - ( 71*,71,73 )
Roger  HAWKINS  -  batterie & percussions - ( 73 )
David  WOOD  -  basse - ( 73 )

Barry  BECKETT  -  claviers - ( 73 )
Jimmy  JOHNSON  -  guitare - ( 73 )

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Mr. Fantasy       ( 1967 )

 titres : heaven is in your mind, berkshire poppies,  house for everyone, no face no name no number,
 dear Mr. fantasy, dealer, utterly simple coloured rain,
 hope I never find me there, giving to you.
bonus : ( US mono album ) paper sun, dealer,
 coloured rain, hole in my shoe, no face no name no  number, heavenis in your mind, house for everyone,  berkshire poppies, giving to you, smiling phases,
 dear Mr.fantasy, we're a fade you missed this.

Traffic       ( 1968 )

 titres : you can all join in, pearly queen, don't be sad,
             who knows what tomorrow may bring,
             feelin' alright, vagabond virgin,
             forty thousand headmen,  cryin' to be heard,
             no time to live, means to an end.

last exit       ( 1969 )

 titres : Just for You, Shanghai Noodle Factory,
             Something's Got a Hold of My Toe,
             Withering Tree, Medicated Goo,
             Feelin' Good (live), Blind Man.

heaven is in your mind
an introduction to Traffic  
( 1969 )

 titres : pearly queen, heaven is in your mind,
             medicated goo, (roamin' thro' the gloamin'              with) 40.000 headman, John Barleycorn (must              die), empty pages, feelin' alright?,
             (sometimes I feel so), uninspired,
             dear Mr. Fantasy, light up or leave me alone,              the low spark of high-heeled boys,
             dream Gerrard.

John Barleycorn must die  ( 1970 )

 titres : glad, freedom rider, empty pages,
             I just want you to know, stranger to himself,              John Barleycorn, every mothers son,
             sittin' here thinkin' of my love,
             backstage and introduction,
             who knows what tomorrow may bring [live],              glad [live].

Paris theatre, London  ( 1970 )

 titres : who knows what tomorrow may bring,
             every mothers son, no time to live,
             medicated goo, John Barleycorn,
             pearly queen, stranger to himself,
             empty pages, glad, freedom rider.

welcome to the canteen   ( 1971* )

 titres : medicated goo, sad and deep as you,
             forty thousand headmen,
             shouldn't have took more than you gave,
             dear Mr. Fantasy, gimme some lovin'.

the low spark of high heeled boys

( 1971 )

 titres : hidden treasure,
             the low spark of high-heeled boys,
             rock & roll stew, many a mile to freedom,
             light up or leave me alone, rainmaker.

shoot out at the fantasy factory

( 1973 )

 titres : shoot out at the fantasy factory,
             roll right stones, evening blue, tragic magic,              (sometimes I feel so) "uninspired".

the last great traffic jam 1994 ( 2005 )

 titres : pearly queen, medicated goo, mozambique,
             40,000 headmen, glad, walking in the wind,
             the low spark of high heeled boys,
             light up or leave me alone , dear Mr. Fantasy,
             John Barleycorn (must die) (traditional),
             gimme some lovin'.


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