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Stuart John Wolstenholme  est un musicien, claviériste, compositeur britannique.
Il est membre fondateur du groupe rock  
Barclay James Harvest , au sein duquel il
a officié aux claviers de 1967 à 1979. Voici un néo-progressif mélodique et
symphonique de qualité, par ce fameux claviériste.



Woolly  Wolstenholme  -  chant, claviers -
Kim  Turner  -  batterie -
 Steve  Broomhead  -  guitare -
Terry  Grady  -  basse -





Black Box recovered     ( 2004 )

  titres : deceivers all, has to be a reason, down the line,
              all get burned, too much too loud too late,
              even the night, the will to fly, sunday bells,               open, why remain, sail away (demo),
              a prospect of whitby (demo), patriots (demo),
              quiet Islands (demo), american excess (live),
              lives on the line (live), deceivers all (live),
              bootham park elegy.

Strange Worlds    ( 2018 )

 cd 1 : Maestoso (1980), Sail Away, Quiet Islands,
A Prospect of Whitby, Lives on the Line, Patriots,
Gates of Heaven (14/18),American Excess,
Maestoso - A Hymn in the Roof of the World, Waveform,
onus : Even the Night (live in Vienna 11th February 1982),
Has to be a Reason (live in Vienna 11th February 1982).

 cd 2 : Black Box Recovered (2004), Deceivers All, Has to be a Reason, Down the Line,
All Get Burned, Too Much Too Loud Too Late, Even the Night, The Will to Fly, Sunday Bells,
Open, Why Remain, Sail Away (demo), Quiet Islands (demo), American Excess (live),
Lives on the Line (live), Deceivers All (live), Bootham Park Elegy.
cd 3 : One Drop In A Dry World (2004), The Bells, The Bells!, Blood and Bones, A Waiting Game,
It's You (Sixties mix), Souk, One Drop in a Dry World, ANSS, The End of the Road,
Explorers, 2 am, The Starving People of the World All Thank You for Your Time, Carpet.
cd 4 : Fiddling Meanly (2005) - live at The Mean Fiddler, Abendrot, The Bells, The Bells!,
Deceivers All, Has to Be a Reason, In Search of England, The Iron Maiden, Sunday Bells,
Poor Wages, The Poet / After the Day, The Will to Fly, A Prospect of Whitby, Harbour,
Early Morning, Big Organ End.
cd 5 : Grim (2005), Coming Soon to a Cinema Near You, Through a Storm, Love is, A Lark,
That's the Price You Pay, The Iceman Cometh, Hebden Bridge, Loot, Harp and Carp, Birds,
Location Location Location, Abendrot, Marsch Burleske, Pas de Deux,
A Scene from a London Flat.
cd 6 : Caterwauling (2007), Caterwauling, Soldier of Fortune, The Road to Nowhere, Matilda Yarrow,
The Collector, Closure, Always, I Don't Like You, Tonight Could Be the Night, Shoes,
Strange Worlds, Quicksand, Blossom Hill, Pills.
cd 7 : The Unlost Works - demos and fragments, Your Starter For Ten, The Streets of This Town,
Brian Maclean, The Angelus, Faith, Hope and Charity, Hiraeth,
The Light at the End of the World, Wagon, Madrigal, A Stolen Life, Alone, Bill Song,
A Funny Kind of Blue, Day Song, Sleeping, Romanze, It's a Dream (Robbie's Song),
Winter World (for Chloe), Bethlehem, Death in Oldham.


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