Grèce  -  rock progressif  -  *** 


666 , Superbe œuvre aux passages tantôt psychédéliques,
tantôt progressifs, avec  
Vangelis  aux claviers !



Vangelis  PAPTHANASSIOU - orgue, flûte, piano, percussions,.., chant -
Demis  ROUSSOS  -  basse, chant -
Lucas  SIDERAS  -  batterie, chant -
Silver  KOULOURIS  -  guitares, percussions -

 +  -  Harris  HALKITIS  -  basse, saxophone ténor, congas, chant -
Michel  RIPOCHE  -  trombone, saxophone tenor -
John  FORST  -  narration -
Irene  PAPAS  -  chant - ( °° )



End of the world      ( 1968 )

  titres : end of the world, don't try to catch a river,
              mister Thomas, rain and tears,
              grass is no green, valley of sadness,
              you always stand in my way,
              shepherd and the moon, day of the fool.

It's five o'clock      ( 1969 )

  titres : It's five o'clock, wake up, take your time,               Annabella, let me love, let me live,
              funky Mary, good time So fine,
              Marie jolie, such a funny night.

666         ( 1971 )

 cd 1 : the system, babylon, loud loud loud,
           the four horsemen, the lamb,
           the seventh seal, aegian sea, seven bowls,
           the wakening beast, lament,
           the marching beast,
           the battle of the locusts, do it,
           tribulation, the beast, ofis.
cd 2 : seven trumpets, altamont,
           the wedding of the lamb,
           the capture of the brast,
°°, hic and nunc,
           all the seats were occupied, break.

 Best of Aphrodite's Child  ( 1980 )

  titres : spring, summer, winter and fall,
              such a funny night, I want to live,
              you always stand in my way, rain and tears,
              let me love, let me live,
              don't try to catch a river, It's five o'clock,
              wake up, end of the World.

  Best of Demis Roussos  ( 1999 )

  titres : we shall dance, my reason, when I_m a kid,
              from souvenir to souvenir,
              forever and ever, It_s five o clock,
              I want to live, velvet mornings,
              goodbye my love goodbye, someday,
              somewhere, with you, my only fascination,
              perd name, si me dices te quiero, lamento,
              mourir auprès de mon amour,
              una isla en el cielo, my friend the wind,
              rain and tears, spring, summer,
              winter and fall.


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