Grèce  -  rock progressif symphonique  -  ** 


L'ancien clavier du groupe
 Aphrodite's child , nous propose
une musique symphonique des plus mélodique et des plus inventive,
passant de l'expérimental, au classique, à l'opéra, avec de larges compositions
planantes et baroques, il s'est spécialisé depuis la fin des années 70's,
dans les bandes originales de films, un genre où il excelle.
Du grand spectacle !!!



VANGELIS  -  claviers, synthétiseurs, batterie, basse,
                              et tous les autres sons -

www.vangelisworld.com/            www.elsew.com/


Albedo 0.39   ( 1975 )

 titres : pulstar, freefall, mare tranquillitatis,
             main sequence, sword of orion, alpha,
             nucleogenesis I & II, albedo 0.39.

It`s just pure, Improvisational genius

( 1986 )

 cd 1 : audience applause, title unknown, pulstar,
           hymne, untitled, main theme from 'missing,
           to the unknown man, grand expose, abraham's theme.
cd 2 : abraham's theme, introducing Jon Anderson /
           Jon's speech, so long ago so clear, Italian song,
           one more time, main theme from " chariots of fire",
           chung kuo, singing in the rain.

Portraits (So Long Ago, So Clear)   ( 1998 )

 titres : To the Unknown Man, Italian Song, Pulstar,
             La Petite Fille de la Mer, Alpha, I Hear You Now,
             I'll Find My Way Ho
me, State of Independence,
malaya, Conquest of Paradise, Hymn,
             Antarctica, Sauvage et Beau, Chariots of Fire,
             So Long Ago, So Clear.

Thèmes  ( best of )   ( 1998 )

 titres : end titles from " bladerunner ",
             main theme from " missing ", l'enfant, hymn,
             chung kuo, the tao of love, theme from " antarctica ",
             love theme from " bladerunner ",
            opening titles " mutiny on the bounty ",
            closing titles " mutiny on the bounty ",
            memories of green, la petite fille de la mer,
            five circles, chariots of fire.

25th Anniversary
Blade Runner Trilogy  
( 2007 )

 cd 1 : main titles, blush response, wait for me,
           Rachel’s song, love theme,one more kiss, dear,
           Blade Runner blues, memories of green,
           tales of the future, damask rose,
           Blade Runner (end titles), tears in rain.

 cd 2 : longing, unveiled twinkling space, Dr. Tyrell’s owl, at Mr. Chew’s, Leo’s room,
           ONE ALONE (bonus track), deckard and Roy’s duel, Dr. Tyrell’s death,
           DESOLATION PATH (bonus brack), empty streets, mechanical dolls, fading away.
 cd 3 : launch approval – Scott Bolton, Bryce Bolton, up and running – Sir Ridley Scott,
           mail from India–C. Lambrakis,Br Downtown–Oliver Stone, Akiko Ebi,
           Cherry Vanilla, Dimitri ‘S bar – Akiko Ebi, Oliver Stone, Dimitris Tsakas,
           sweet solitude – Dimitris Tsakas,
           no expectation boulevard – Rutger Hauer, Wes Studi, Bhaskar Balakrishnan,
           vadavarot – Irina Valentinova, Florencia Suayan Tacod,
           perfume exotico – Edward James Olmos, spotkanie Z Matka – Roman Polanski,
           piano In An Empty Room, keep asking – Bryce Bolton.


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Angleterre  -  rock progressif  -  ***  


 L'ancien clavier d' Aphrodite's child  et le chanteur de  Yes ,
symphonisme et pureté mélodique des compositions de  
accompagnés par le chant admirable de  
Jon Anderson .


The friends of Mr Cairo

( 1981 )

  titres :  I'll find my way home, state of independence,
               beside, the mayflower,
               the friends of Mr. Cairo,
               back to school, outside of this.

Private collection

( 1983 )

  titres :  italian song, and when the night comes,
               deborah, polonaise,
               he is sailing, horizon.

The best of Jon and Vangelis

( 1984 )

  titres :   italian song, I'll find my way home,
                state of independence, one more time,
                play within a play,
                the friends of Mr. Cairo,
                outside of this, he is sailing,
                I hear you now.


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