~  SPOCK'S  BEARD  ~   ( voir Neal Morse )


U S A  -  rock progressif  -  **** 


Spock's Beard  se forme en 1992 quand les frères  Neal ( chant ) et
Al Morse ( guitare ) s'associent au batteur  Nick D'Virgilio . Ils sont rejoint
par le bassiste  
Dave Meros , puis en 95 par le clavériste  Ryo Okumoto .
Leur style issu des 70's est en même temps très moderne ( production clinquante,
esprit mélodique ) entre  
Kansas , Yes  et  King Crimson ,
un son énorme, une musique très riche, avec des breaks, des ruptures,
très complexe, aux superbes développements instrumentaux, aux belles
mélodies et à l'interprétation sans faille, ultra technique et ultra pro,
quelle classe !!!! Sur " V " voici un  
Spock's Beard  au top de son art,
de longs morceaux très riches, d'autres plus courts et plus mélodiques.
2003 voit le départ de  Neal Morse , un des un des piliers de la formation.
Nick D'Virgilio  prend alors sa place au chant tout en conservant son rôle
de batteur, leur musique s'éloignant quelque peu des précédents albums.
Spock’s Beard , orphelin de son compositeur principal et leader
charismatique, à passé quelques années en demi-teinte,
" X " ( 2010 ) est sans conteste l'album du renouveau,
le meilleur du groupe pour la période post  
Neal Morse .
Superbe !!! 



Neal  MORSE  - chant, claviers , guitares - ( 95 à 02, 11 )
Alan  MORSE  - guitares, violoncelle , claviers , chant -
Dave  MEROS  - basse, chant -
Nick  D'VIRGILIO  - batterie , percussions, chant -
Ryo  OKUMOTO  - orgue hammond, mellotron - ( sauf the light )
Jimmy KEEGAN  - batterie - ( 08, 11 )
Ted  LEONARD  -  chant, guitare, claviers - ( 11, 18 ) 

Chris  Carmichael  -  violon, alto, violoncelle - ( 02 )
Jim  Hoke  -  sax, clarinette, autoharp - ( 02 )
Neil  Rosengarden  -  flugelhorn, trompette - ( 02 )
Molly  Pasutti  -  choeurs ‘Open the gates part 2' - ( 02 )
David  Robertson  -  cor anglais (3) - ( 18 )
-  John  Boegehold  -  arrangements cordes (2,10) - ( 18 )
-  Eric  Gorfain  -  violon - ( 18 )
-  Leah  Katz  -  alto - ( 18 )
-  Richard  Dodd  -  violoncelle - ( 18 )

www.spocksbeard.net http://www.insideout.de


Photos : Transatlantic - Elysée Montmartre - Paris - 2010
Neal MORSE & Band - Alcatraz , Milan  -  2011


The light      ( 1995 )

 titres : the light, go the way you go, the water,
             on the edge.

Beware of darkness    ( 1996 )

 titres : beware of darkness, thoughts, the doorway,
             chatauqua, walking on the wind, waste away,
             time has come.

The kindness of strangers

( 1998 )

 titres : the good don't last, in the mouth of  madness,
             cakewalk on easy street, june, strange world,
             harm's way, flow.

From the vault       ( 1998 )
(Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo)

 titres : stratus, Into fire, fire / waste away (live),
             the light (home demo),
             excerpt from the doorway (live),
             the doorway (home demo),
             waste away (alt. mix),
             walking on the wind (home demo),
             go the way you go (home demo).

The beard is out there    ( 1998 )

 titres : the light, go the way you go, thoughts,
             the water, on the edge, fire / waste away (live).

Day for night     ( 1999 )

 titres : day for night, gibberish, skin,
             the distance to the sun,
             crack the big sky, the gypsy, can't get it wrong,
             the healing colors of sound (1), my shoes,
             mommy comes back, lay it down,
             the healing colors of sound, my shoes, hurt.

Live at the whisky and nearfest

( 1999 )

double live, intégrale du concert de 99 !

 cd 1 : Introduction, In the mouth of madness,
           gibberish, skin, go the way you go,
           the distance to the sun, crack the big sky.
cd 2 : the doorway, the light, June, waste away,
           squonk, walking on the wind.

" V "    ( 2000 )

 titres : at the end of the day, revelation,
             thought (2), all on a sun day,
             goodbye to yesterday, the great nothing,

Don't try this at home   ( 2000 )

 titres : day for night, mouth of madness, skin, gibberish,
             june, the healing colors of sound.

There & here     ( 2001 )

  cd 1 : beware of darkness, gibberish,end of the day,
            revelation, all on a sunday, thoughts part 2,
            harm's way, Ryo's solo.
cd 2 : great nothing, medley - the doorway, mood,
            for a day the light, June,
            space truckin' / soul sacrifice,
            whole lotta love / waste away.

Snow      ( 2002 )

  cd 1 : made alive / overture, stranger in a strange land,
            long time suffering, welcome to nyc,
            love beyond words, the 39th street blues,
            devil's got my throat, open wide the gates II,
            solitary soul, wind at my back.
cd 2 : second overture, 4th of july, I'm the guy,
            reflection, carie, looking for answers,
            freak boy, all is vanity, I'm dying, freak boy II,
            devil's got my throat revisited, snow's night out,
            ladies and gentlemen mister Ryo okumoto on the keyboards,
            I will go, made alive again/wind at my back.
cd 3 : southside of the sky, good don't last / open wide
            the flood gates ( live acoustique ),
            working on devil/ fiddly/disco,
            looking for answers ( live acoustique ),
            stranger in a strange land demo, o'clock,
            working on ryo's solo, lost bass solo demo,
            the light ( live acoustique ) working on I will go.

Don't try this at home

live in Hollande

( 2002 )


 titres : day for night, in the mouth of madness, skin,
             gibberish, go the way you go, june,
             the healing colors of sound, Ryo's solo,
             the doorway, the light, squonk, waste away / fire.

Feel euphoria     ( 2003 )

 titres : onomatopoeia, the bottom line, feel euphoria,
             shining star, east of Eden west of Memphis,
             ghosts of autumn, a guy named sid ( intro,
             same old story, you don't know, judge,
             sid's boys chair, change ) , carry on,
bonus : moth of many flames, from the messenger.

Octane      ( 2004 )

  cd 1 : the ballet of the impact ( prelude to the  past, the ultimate quiet,
  a blizzard of my  memories ), I wouldn't let it   go, surfing down the
  avalanche, she Is everything ( strange   what you  remember, words
  of forever ), climbing up that   hill, letting go, of the beauty of it all :
  ( if I could  paint a   picture, into the great unknowable ),  NWC, there
  was a   time, the planet's hum,  watching the tide, as long as we ride.
cd 2: Special Edition Bonus Disc
  when she's gone, follow me to sleep, game face,  broken  promise land,
  listening to the sky, extras from "A Flash Before My Eyes":
  someday I'll be found, I was never lost, paint me a picture,
  includes a QuickTime video: the formulation of octane.

Gluttons for punishment - live ( 2005 )

  cd 1 : Intro, the ballet of the impact, I wouldn't let it go,
            surfing down the avalanche, she is everything,
            climbing up that hill, letting go,
            of the beauty of it all, harm's way, NWC.
cd 2 : at the end of the day, the bottom line, Ryo's solo,
            ghosts of autumn, as long as we ride, the light.

Spock's Beard       ( 2006 )

 titres : on a perfect day, skeletons at the feast,
             Is this love, all that's left, with your kiss,
             sometimes they stay, sometimes they go,
             the slow crash landing man,
             wherever you stand, hereafter,
             as far as the mind can see :
             part 1: dreaming in the age of answers,
             part 2: here's a man,
             part 3: they know we know,
             part 4: stream of unconsciousness,

Live      ( 2008 )

 cd 1 : Intro, on a perfect day, In the mouth of madness,
           crack the big sky, the slow crash landing man,
           return to whatever, surfing down the avalanche,
           thoughts - part 2, drum duel, skeletons at the feast.
cd 2 : walking on the wind, hereafter - Ryo Solo,
           as far as the mind can see: part one: dreaming in the
           age of answers, part two: here's a man,
           part three:they know we know,
           part four: stream of unconsciousness, rearranged,
           medley: the water, go the way you go.

X      ( 2010 )

 titres : edge of the in-between, the emperor's clothes,
             kamikaze, from the darkness : a. the darkness,
             b. chance meeting, c. on my own, d. start over again,
             the quiet house, their names escape me,
             the man behind the curtain, jaws of heaven :
             a. homesick for the ashes, b. words of war,
             c. deep in the wondering, d. whole again.

High voltage      ( 2011 )

  titres : on a perfect day, the doorway,
              the emperor's clothes, the light, june.

Noise Floor     ( 2011 )

  cd 1 : To Breathe Another Day, What Becomes Of Me,
            Somebody's Home, Have We All Gone Crazy Yet,
            So This Is Life, One So Wise, Box Of Spiders,
cd 2 : "Cutting Room Floor" EP, Days We'll Remember,
            Bulletproof, Vault, Armageddon Nervous.


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