U S A  -  rock progressif   -  **


Ce projet est un hommage à des groupes comme  
Genesis , King Crimson ,
YesKansas , Kevin Gilbert , Styx , U K , Dio , Emerson Lake and Palmer ,
Pink Floyd  et bien d'autres encore !!!



Dean  Madonia  -  chant, claviers, guitares -
Val "The Count" Lupescu  -  guitares acoust. & électr. -
Travis "Mr. T" Vance  -  basse -
Michael Walter  -  batterie -

John  Catchings  -  violoncelle, alto, sur "Chimera,"
        "The Spark Of Life", "Let Me In", "The Sweetest Part Of Me"
        "The Promise", "Falling Into the Sky."
Tim  Lorsch  -  violon sur "Chimera", "The Spark Of Life",
        "The Sweetest Part Of Me", "The Promise."
Bruce  Bouton  -  pedal steel sur "When He Plays His Guitar"
Jeff  Taylor  -  accordéon sur "Letters From Home",
        "Fools Gold", "Shadow To Shadow"
Karen Keeley  -  spoken word sur "Pale Student",
        "Frightful Fiend", "Did I Request Thee?"





Shadow To Shadow

(Dean Madonia`s Frankenstein)   ( 2013 )

 cd 1 : Pale Student (Spoken), The Living Proof , Chimera,
           What I Believe, The Spark of Life, Alive Anew,
           Frightful Fiend (Spoken)
, Running from the Moon,
           Trusted Friend, He Calls Me, When He Plays His Guitar
Let Me In Dean Madonia , Wrong, Alone.
cd 2 : Did I Request Thee? (Spoken), You Made Me,
           Letter from Home, Fool's Gold, Back to Meet My Maker,
           Shadow to Shadow, Wedding Night
, The Promise,
           The Sweetest Part of Me, Murdering Elizabeth,
           Into the White, Spark Redux, Into the Cold,
           Falling Into the Sky, The Living Proof, Pt. 2.


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